Chicago Business Conferences this Spring: 8 Events to Attend

March 4, 2022
Liz Arnold

At Infinity Transportation, we don’t just help you and your colleagues arrive by modern buses at Chicago conferences on time, we also help you find great events to attend, too!

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting business events in Chicago coming up in the next few months.

March 2022

NAREIM Talent Management Meeting - March 1

This March, NAREIM Talent Management is hosting an event designed to give talent management leaders in the real estate investment management industry an opportunity to network with other leaders in this space.

The quarterly connection event is designed to help professionals connect with peers regularly throughout the year, discuss important issues, and share new ideas and solutions to common problems.

In a one-day meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to hear the latest updates on the NAREIM Talent Management committee’s return to office plans, learn about polling and benchmark, as well as new retention strategies and permanent return to work models.

The meetings are open to NAREIM members only as well as their guests, and you can book your tickets here. It’s a niche event but one of the best March conventions if this is an industry you’re familiar with.
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OCIO Central Summit - March 23

This year’s OCIO Central Summit brings you an opportunity to meet more than 100 outsourced chief investment officers and institutional consultants from across the Midwest.

As business conferences in Chicago go, this one packs a lot into a single day. You’ll get panel discussions and presentations, networking opportunities, and a question and answer session to learn even more. This year, the main topics of discussion will be risk mitigation, asset allocation, new opportunities, and monetary, societal, and fiscal issues relating to retirement planning.

As the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, this summit is the best opportunity for institutional investors and others in this industry to connect, discuss, and learn.

From Day One: Chicago 2022 - March 29

From Day One is an exciting conference that will take place on March 29, bringing together top thinkers and professionals from the Human Resources world, as well as diversity, employee engagement, and talent acquisition spaces. Anybody who works in this industry will enjoy a great opportunity for building new connections with other industry professionals as well as learning about new ways to build strong bonds in the workplace.

As companies across the country begin return-to-office plans, learning how to create productive and happy teams at work is more important than ever – and this conference will explore not just how to make good corporate citizens but how to be smart and open in a fast-changing world.

Want to build better teams? Improve your working relationships? Make your business more effective and efficient? Book your tickets and learn from the experts!

April 2022

Midwest Advanced Public Service Institute (MAPSI) - April 10-13

This year’s Midwest Advanced Public Service Institute’s conference will be held in partnership with the leaders of MPSI and IPSI, with a view of extending the institute experience and creating a whole new training opportunity.

The new MAPSI training program is designed specifically for IPSI and MPSI graduates, as well as public service upper-level managers.

There will be two and a half days of “rigorous, thought-provoking instruction” that looks at leadership matters. Lewis G. Bender, Ph.D., will be exploring the challenges facing public service, while Gleaves Whitney, the executive director of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation, will explain the most important leadership traits of American presidents.

If you work in public services management, this is the conference for you.
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Global Cyber Security Initiative (GCSI) Conference - April 26

Work in cyber security, or interest in how your business could be at risk from hackers? The Global Cyber Security Initiative Conference will be held at the Chicago-Kent College of Law at Illinois Institute of Technology this year, returning for another year to bring together executives and experts from Chicago’s F500 companies.

Over 200 high-level cybersecurity leaders and executives will come together to talk about cyber security, strategy, risk, and budgeting for companies. It’s the ultimate event and resource for executives and government officials looking to protect their business or operations. Book your ticket here.

HRC in MKE 2022 - April 27-29

If you’re willing to take a short drive, why not attend the 2022 Heartland Regional Conference? Taking place in Milwaukee, the Society for Marketing Professional Services is bringing together a community of marketing and business development experts to network and learn.

SMPS helps members and attendees gain a competitive edge in their industry, and the event gives you an opportunity to meet new people who may help expand your business across Chicago and beyond, to learn from industry experts, and to celebrate with friends new and old!

Sign up for your tickets to the event and the welcome reception right here.

May 2022

DigiMarCon Midwest 2022 - May 9-10

The DigiMarCon conference brings together business professionals and executives from the digital marketing, media, and advertising worlds together for a fantastic opportunity to network and learn.

You’ll hear from some of the most thought-provoking and innovative leaders in these industries in a series of interesting speeches and panels. The intimate gathering will offer you an insight into emerging strategies, the latest technological advances in the space, and ideas about how to move your business to the next level.

Whether you’re attending to reunite with peers you haven’t seen since before the pandemic or looking to meet new people, this Chicago conference is the ultimate digital marketing and advertising event for this year. Book your tickets here.
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2022 Milwaukee Smart Business Dealmakers Conference - May 24

Do you make deals for a living? This Smart Business Dealmakers Conference brings together hundreds of local business leaders and dealmakers, from middle-market CEOs to top investors.

The event will host sessions that discuss raising capital, buying and selling companies, and even alternative asset investing. If you want to learn about improving your deal-making, how to move your business to the next level, and how to make smart investing decisions, this could be the ideal conference for you.

Check out the speakers and book your tickets here.

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