Going the Extra Mile: A Successful Corporate Trip in Chicago with Infinity Transportation

With expert services and planning capabilities, Infinity Transportation is proud to offer the most reliable transportation services for corporate events. Coordinating transportation for all the important players coming to stay, our team works with you to ensure a successful corporate trip.

A Corporate Trip in Chicago

Edward is a Corporate Administrator for his employer company and has been asked to organize a dinner or the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has flown in from around the country and is staying in a hotel in Rosemont, IL. A dinner event has been booked at a local restaurant in Park Ridge, IL.

Edward expects that he will need Infinity Transportation's 57-passenger coach bus for 52 passengers for 4 hours. The cost for this service is approximately $814, including the driver's gratuity, and averages to around $15.65 per passenger.

A Passenger Bus for Corporate Trips in Chicago

With 52 guests, a 57-passenger coach bus was chosen for Edward’s needs. With this bus type, all guests had plenty of space while they went from their hotel to the restaurant and back, ensuring they were comfortable throughout the trip.

While Edward estimated there would be 52 guests, 55 ended up coming, with a few last-minute additions. Thankfully, the same reserved coach bus could accommodate this group, and no major changes were made.

Despite a long day of meetings, the transportation to the restaurant went smoothly. However, the dinner did run over an extra hour, which the driver accommodated, but did add an extra cost in the end for his service.

A Comfortable Company Transportation

After a nice dinner in Park Ridge, the team ended up staying an extra hour to catch up and enjoyed their transportation back to the hour a bit later than expected.

  • Satisfaction: Edward was especially happy with Infinity Transortation’s service, especially since the driver was willing to accommodate an extra hour of service to allow the team to stay longer at the restaurant.
  • Estimate: Due to an increased time at the restaurant, as well as an increase to the number of passengers, Edward ended up owing more than the initial estimate. However, due to the accommodations of the driver, he was pleased with the service.
  • Time: With an extra hour spent at the restaurant, the total time spent by the driver was 5 hours, instead of the estimated 4.
  • Special Note: We informed the client that there would be added traffic at the time we were heading to the reservation, allowing him to ensure his team was on-time to avoid arriving late.

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Another Happy Client

The customer service at Infinity Transportation is truly unmatched. I opted for their service as an airport shuttle, and they were incredibly accommodating with our flight delays. I’m so grateful for their kind team on this busy day.


Our driver at Infinity was awesome! I reserved a coach bus for four hours, but our corporate dinner ran over, and our driver was willing to push out the timeline an hour so we could wrap up our drinks before heading back to the hotel. The extra time with teammates was wonderful, and I’m happy we found such an accommodating driver!


I’m so grateful for Infinity Transportation’s help. We had around 2,000 guests attending this large convention, and I couldn’t have managed to coordinate all of their transportation to and from the event without Infinity. They were able to accommodate our last-minute additions with ease, and everyone had kind things to say about their drivers.


I’m so thankful we chose Infinity Transportation for our wedding night! They safely transport all our guests back to their hotels after the wedding, and the looping situation ended up working perfectly for our guests. Everyone got home safely and didn’t have to worry about driving themselves. I will use them for our next big event!


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