Charter Bus Cost - Average Price & Trip Examples

At Infinity Transportation, we are a reputable and reliable charter bus company from Chicago that proudly serves the state of Illinois. If you're looking for more information on charter bus prices, know that charter bus rentals vary from state to state. We provide services for both residents and businesses, and all of our charter buses are top-of-the-line.

How much is a charter bus?
  • Bus Type

  • 3 HR Min

  • 5 HR Min

  • Additional Hours

  • Transfer Rate

  • Per Day (Based on 12 HR Max)

  • *The above rates are estimated totals based on 30 to 50 mile radius from our Des Plaines, IL or/and Chicago locations. If your service request is more than total 50 miles of use than contact Infinity to request an accurate quote.
  • *Rates may vary depending on availability.
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How We Calculate Our Charter Bus Service Rates

It’s hard to figure out exactly how much a charter bus will cost until you call for a personalized quote, since prices depend on a wide range of factors. Here’s a breakdown of the most influential cost factors:

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Season Of Your Bus Trip

Short and long-distance charter rates will also depend on the season you choose for your trip.

The busy season for coach bookings tends to be April, May, and June. This is a time when more people are coming together for vacations and trips. Outside of this season, you will usually see lower charter bus rental costs.

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Distance And Duration 

The distance we travel and the duration of your journey are the primary factors that determine a tour bus trip cost. A charter bus for a weekend, for instance, will cost more than hiring a bus for a day.

Remember that weekend trips require drivers to travel with you and get eight hours of sleep for every 10 hours of driving.

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The Starting Location 

Remember that if your starting location is a substantial distance from our base in Chicago, you may incur additional charges to make up for that time spent driving to pick up your group.

The further away your starting location, the more a quote may be.

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The Size Of Your Group 

The size of your group will also dictate your charter bus quote, owing to additional vehicles or a larger coach being necessary to accommodate everybody.

Remember that a larger coach doesn’t always mean more luxury, so booking a big bus for a small group will cost more and is often unnecessary.

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The Types And Models Of Vehicles 

The kind of vehicle you choose will also determine the cost. Your tour bus trip cost will increase as the vehicle gets bigger due to the increased fuel cost.

Smaller vehicles are appropriate only when they can comfortably accommodate your group.

Additional Amenities 

Additional amenities may also cost more. In many cases, a charter coach provider will have a range of vehicles available to hire, and those with more amenities may cost more.

At Infinity Transportation, we have a number of different models of a coach with different amenities for you to choose from.

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Extra Expenses Not Included In Quote 

Finally, remember that your journey may incur additional costs that are not included in the quote. This may include the cost of tolls, parking, or a room for your driver. You may also wish to consider tipping your driver at the end of the trip.

At Infinity Transportation, we aim to give you a full overview of what you should expect to pay for your full journey.

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The cost of a charter bus rental will vary from trip to trip. Since we personalize all transportation experiences, the only way to get an accurate quote is by contacting the rental team with your itinerary. We’ll take into account factors like travel dates, duration, group size, and special requests while building your quote. Although we can’t tell you exactly how much your bus will cost without calling, you can review our helpful guide to charter bus rental pricing for an idea of what your trip might cost.
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How You Can Save On Your Bus Rental Costs

Tips to Save on a Charter Bus Rental Price.
Now you know the factors that determine the price of a travel bus, we have a few tips to help you save money with your next booking.

  • Limit your Stops

    Stops are required by law, and definitely a necessity for snack and bathroom breaks. However, by making fewer stops, you’ll automatically reduce the travel time and subsequently, the cost.

  • Pick the Right Bus

    You know your trip better than anyone, and buses come in a range of sizes and with a number of different amenities. If you’re trying to save money, don’t go overboard on the number of seats and amenities. You probably won’t need DVD players, and in winter weather you won’t need air conditioning. If it's a short trip, skip onboard restrooms! Most importantly, don't rent a bus too large for your group.

    We offer the following types of vehicles for rent:

  • Book Your Charter Bus Well in Advance

    You wouldn’t wait to book a hotel room or flight until the last minute, and the same should be done for a charter bus. The earlier you reserve your bus, the cheaper it will be. We suggest booking it at least 2-3 months in advance for the best deal.

  • Fill Up All the Seats

    This might seem obvious— but get an exact headcount! Getting a bus with 5 extra seats is pointless and money down the drain. You can also invite more people to fill up those seats, reducing the cost per person and making the whole trip more affordable.

  • Choose the Off-Season

    As mentioned, hourly charter bus rates will likely be lower in the off-season, so save some money and plan your trip for then!

  • Seek Out Discounts

    Still think this trip may be out of your budget? Find a coupon or discount! Many companies have discounted prices for early booking, and plenty have specials throughout the year, especially during off seasons. Keep your eye on various bus rental companies.

Our Clients Trips' Examples

From school field trips to tours to special events, our charter buses have gone everywhere! As one of the top charter bus companies in Chicago, we pride ourselves on getting our customers safely between destinations while still prioritizing their comfort. Rest assured that our reservation specialist will help you choose the best charter bus for your particular needs depending on your trip details. Below are only a few examples of how our charter bus travel has assisted customers like you.

A School Field Trip

Coach Francis works for a Chicago charter school and wants to use Infinity Transportation charter buses for daily after-school athletics transportation. On a particular day, he needs to get the boys' basketball team to another local Chicago charter school for a game. There are a total of 30 passengers, including student-athletes and coaches, so the 35-passenger coach bus with Infinity Transportation is a perfect choice for this charter bus trip. Infinity Transportation will pick up the group at 2:45 pm and be done at 6:45 pm.  The cost for this trip is $685 (inclusive of driver gratuity) which calculates to about $19.57 per person riding the bus. This is an example of how charter bus costs break down for a school event.

Number of passengers: 30
Trip time: 4 hours
Rented charter: 35-passenger coach bus
The final cost: $685

An Event Trip

Dana works for a Chicago company and she is in charge of hiring transportation such as a minibus rental for a sales department reward outing. The sales department consists of 50 passengers and has chosen to go to the United Center for a Chicago Blackhawks game in one of our charter buses. After the game, the group will be taken to the Hyatt Regency Downtown Chicago. The bus will wait at the United Center while the game plays and will be ready to take them to the hotel for the night. The group needs 3 hours of service and the cost for a 57-passenger coach bus is $757 (including driver gratuity) which calculates to a final cost of about $15.14 per person riding the bus.

Number of passengers: 50
Trip time: 3 hours
Rented charter: 57-passenger coach bus
The final cost:

A Tour Trip

Another example to display our charter bus prices is through a tour trip. Take Nicole, for example. She works for a local Chicago touring company and she has a group that wants to go on a sightseeing tour of the city. Nicole knows they will want to make about 6-8 stops at various Chicago sights and will hire a local bus company, Infinity Transportation, to follow the itinerary.  Infinity Transportation charter buses are perfect for touring because of driver knowledge, working PA systems, large windows, and comfy seats. This tour group consists of 20 passengers and Nicole has booked Infinity’s 24-passenger mini coach bus. The tour will be for 6 hours non-stop and the cost is $789 (including driver gratuity). This calculates to about $39.45 per person riding the bus.

Number of passengers: 20
Trip time: 6 hours
Rented charter: 24-passenger mini coach bus
The final cost:

Our Process


Request a Quote

Please request a quote by e-mail, telephone, or through our online form. We ask that you provide as much information as you can so that we can offer an accurate quote!


Reserve Your Service

Please contact us to reserve your service! We will send a formal confirmation for your review and will request a deposit to secure the vehicle(s).


Finalize Your Service

Discuss all the details of your group transportation with our customer service. Log into our client portal to see the booking information.

What Are Our Happy Customers Saying
About Us

I honestly wish I could give this company a 6-star review! The buses were on time, clean, and the drivers were beyond helpful and knowledgeable about the Chicagoland area. The buses had a good amount of space inside as well. The people in the office were very accommodating even though we had quite a few requirements. I worked with Chris and Kimberly when we were doing our reservation and both of them were beyond helpful and gave me exceptional service! They truly worked hard to make sure our trip was the best for my team! We WILL be booking with them for all our trips as you should too!

Carolina Pazgan

We had a large group movement in Chicago for about 800 people to attend the breast cancer walk. They were able to accommodate the last minute request and handled the entire coordination. We are very happy with them. The rate was a bit higher than everyone else but they did not disappoint us and we already booked them for our next event.


I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all of the help in getting this weekend squared away. Our band was able to get to their venues on time, safely, and rested because of the expert care of you and your team. Jorge is AWESOME!! I’ve gotten so much feedback that he was just amazing to work with and super nice. I’ve been asked to make sure we request Jorge on our next travel event!!

Debbie Price

Excellent service, really good price! They saved the day for us with a last minute trip to the airport for a large group and were super helpful. I highly recommend them!

Oktunc Sipahi
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We hope that you find this pricing information useful, but remember that your results may vary. The best way to get an accurate quote for your bus trip is to call us at 847-908-5868. You’ll receive a personalized, no-obligation quote on your next trip in and around the Windy City!
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Why Hire Infinity Transportation for Your Next Trip or Event?

  • Always Reliable, Safe, and Insured

    In addition to getting the best price and the best bus model for your needs, rest assured that our company is fully insured and completely reliable. All of our drivers are experienced and can navigate effortlessly through major cities.

  • Local and Trusted Professionals

    Renting a charter bus doesn't have to be stressful with the right drivers behind the wheel. Our drivers are experienced and always know the best routes to take.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    From our reservation specialist to the driver who executes your trip, you'll appreciate our prioritized customer service at every step of the way.

  • Impressive Amenities

    Kick your feet up and relax! In addition to our standard charter buses, we have amenities that will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

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Questions Our Customers Often Ask About Payment And Booking

When must the last payment be made?

All payments must be made ____

What are the return guidelines?

For most charters, the return process occurs at the same place as pickup. If you only need to be driven one way, please specify this when speaking to us during the booking process.

What kind of deposit is necessary?

The deposit amount depends on the type of charter that you're renting and how far in advance you're booking. Please reach out to us to learn more about our deposits and the reservation process.

What is the reservation procedure?

To start the reservation process, we recommend calling us to speak with one of our team members and they will be able to help you choose the right bus for your needs.

Do I need to give tips to the driver?

While tips aren't necessary, they are greatly appreciated. If you feel that your driver has done an excellent job, feel free to provide them with a tip to show your appreciation.

Do I pay parking fees or tolls?

Any parking permits or tolls will be added to your final cost!

What happens if my journey lasts longer than anticipated?

If you need to use the bus longer than you originally anticipated, we'd love to accommodate your needs. As soon as you know that you'll need the bus for longer, please contact us for additional details.

If you rent more than one bus, is there a discount?

We are happy to discuss special pricing and discounts if you are interested in renting more than one of our buses. Please get in touch with our team directly!

How do you manage a change in plans?

Sometimes, shorter trips turn into longer trips or vice-versa. Regardless of the changes to your trip, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to let us know of your requests so we can accommodate you!

How can I make a payment?

Our site has a client login portal where you'll be able to make payments directly for your upcoming trip. If you want to make a payment over the phone, please call us at 847-961-2579.

How much does it cost to rent a charter bus for a day?

Daily rentals depend on your starting city, the number of people you need to fit onboard, the end destination, and many other factors. Again, the best way to determine the cost is to get in touch with our team.

How much does it cost to rent a small bus?

Small bus rentals start around a couple of hundred dollars but it depends on many factors. Our team is able to help you determine the specific price once we have more information from you.

Can I rent a bus and drive it myself?

Unfortunately, it is not an option for you to rent a bus and drive it on your own. This is due to our insurance and liability as we always strive to keep all of our passengers safe!

What does private charter mean on a bus?

Our reservation agents might recommend a private charter for gatherings such as family reunions, wedding planner festivities, etc. This means that there won't be anyone else on your bus and your party will be able to enjoy privacy.

How much does it cost to rent a bus for a field trip?

The price of one-day trips such as a field trip depends on many different factors. Small buses will cost more compared to larger buses and the farther your destination, the more you can expect to pay. You can contact us directly for a rental quote and pricing examples.

How much does it cost to charter a bus for a week?

Prices on our charter buses vary depending on the size of your group, your destination, the type of bus that you want, etc. The best way to determine your final cost is to get in touch with our team for a free quote.