Charter Bus Rental in Arlington Heights

Whether you're coordinating transportation for corporate events or a family reunion, Arlington Heights charter buses with Infinity Transportation are the perfect way to travel with ease. With a variety of mini bus options, motor coaches, and charter bus rentals, we accommodate group travel needs in the Arlington Heights area and surrounding Illinois destinations. For reliable transport and comfortable vehicles for both large and small groups, our team is the go-to for group transportation in the Chicagoland area.

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Explore Your Options for Group Charter Bus Rental in Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights, Illinois is home to one of the go-to race courses in Illinois, in addition to the beautiful scenery, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, shopping centers, and many other attractions. Located North West of the city, Arlington Heights is a go-to destination for special events, airport transfers, sporting event trips, and more.

With Infinity Transportation, you can not only safely transport passengers to and from the airport in style, but celebrate a birthday or company event at one of the attractions in Arlington Heights, utilizing a comfortable charter bus for your group trip. With custom charter bus options, our booking specialists will help you plan your special event with the right bus for your company or friends.

Group Transportation Services in Arlington Heights, IL

There are different reasons renting a charter bus in Arlington Heights, Illinois will be beneficial to your next group outing. From school trips to corporate events, here are some ways to utilize this bus service.

School Groups

school excursion

Skip the uncomfortable school bus in favor of a charter bus rental. For school groups, a bus rental will help provide a more comfortable transportation method than school buses, providing ample safety and expertise for any field trips, sporting events, or extracurricular activities. Plus, our buses have ample storage for all your equipment to stow away.

Sports Teams

Sports Teams

Ideal for sports teams, a bus rental is the best bet for traveling to games, tournaments, and competitions across Arlington Heights, Illinois, and the surrounding area. A professional driver will handle the transportation, allowing your team to sit back and relax before the big game.

Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups

For reliable transportation for corporate groups, our bus rentals will provide elevated safety and reliability, ensuring everyone arrives at the business event, conference, or other professional gatherings on time. With added amenities, like WiFi, charging ports, and comfortable seating, our bus rentals allow your team to sit back and focus, allowing our professional drivers to handle the navigation.

Wedding Parties

wedding day

For a wedding party, our bus rental provides a more comfortable, stress-free transportation method. With the safety of a professional driver, plus air conditioning, entertainment symptoms, and comfortable, large seating, the whole group can focus on the celebrations, and less on how to get to the party.

Our Rates for Group Bus Tours in Arlington Heights, IL

We bring you competitive rates on bus rentals in Arlington Heights, IL. We also provide a table of our charter bus prices right here on our website so you can get an idea of the costs, but we’re always happy to discuss your budget, too.Just give us a call and let us know your plans, and we’ll give you a customized quote!

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Employee Shuttles

Employee Shuttles

Employee shuttles are a great solution for a company that wants to provide convenient and comfortable transportation for its team. With a large, comfortable bus and Wi-Fi options, your employees don't have to worry about getting to and from work, focusing more on their tasks and less on the journey.

Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttles

Getting to and from the airport is no stress-free feat, but airport shuttles can solve that. With convenient and cost-effective travel options, airport shuttles help individuals and groups navigate the airport without worrying about the traffic that surrounds the area.

Wedding Shuttles

Wedding Shuttles

An ideal way to provide transportation to your wedding guests, wedding shuttles is a wonderful solution to take guests from the ceremony to the reception, or to their hotels after the celebration without worrying about driving late in the night.

Convention Shuttles

Convention Shuttles

Convention shuttles are a wonderful, budget-friendly way to transport large groups to and from convention centers. With comfortable seating and charging ports, all the attendees can enjoy a convenient travel method with a driver that handles the navigation for them.

Shuttle Bus Services in Arlington Heights, IL

For safe transportation to and from Arlington HHeights, Illinois, our shuttle bus service is the go-to for convenient travel across town. With a vast fleet and a variety of rental options, we will handle all your shuttle needs.

Tour Bus Rental in Arlington Heights, IL

Tour bus rentals are a wonderful transportation option for groups looking to explore the city or surrounding area. Whether it's a historical tour or an exploration of cultural landmarks, a tour bus rental allows you to sightsee comfortably. The most popular tour options include:

Winery Tours

winery tours

Shuttles are a great option when a company or group of friends want convenient and comfortable transportation for a winery tour. With a spacious bus and a professional driver to handle navigation, the whole group can enjoy the tour in comfort.

Sightseeing Tours

A great way to explore a city, sightseeing tours with a bus rental provide a seamless transportation method to visit all the popular tourist attractions. Allowing the group to skip the stress of navigating a busy city, everyone can enjoy the comfort of the bus while enjoying the attractions.

Casino Tours

Casino Tours

Casino tours are a fun way to spend the evening, and with a tour bus rental, you can travel to and from the casino with added comfort. Instead of worrying about where to park and who will drive, our drivers will handle the tour so you can enjoy the games.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are a great way to understand the city in a new way, taking a tour of the history and local traditions. With a bus rental, you can visit several landmarks, museums, and galleries to explore the culture that makes the city so special, all with a comfortable tour bus.

Our Rates for Group Bus Tours in Arlington Heights, IL

We bring you competitive rates on bus rentals in Arlington Heights, IL. We also provide a table of our charter bus prices right here on our website so you can get an idea of the costs, but we’re always happy to discuss your budget, too.Just give us a call and let us know your plans, and we’ll give you a customized quote!

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Corporate Trips & Events

Corporate Trips & Events

For corporate trips and events, help your employees arrive on time with the group with our rental bus solutions. With this option, you can safely transport everyone to the destination, including those that are visiting and may not be as knowledgeable about the area.

College or School Field Trips & Educational Outings

Educational Outings

To help bring a group of students out on an educational outing, a charter bus rental in Arlington Heights will help keep everyone on schedule for the day. With this option, everyone can travel together with ease.

Sporting Events: Teams or Fans Transportation

Teams or Fans Transportation

For a more comfortable travel option for sports teams and fans, bus rentals are the go-to. With air conditioning, comfortable seats, and charging ports, everyone will arrive at the event ready for the competition.

Long Distance Trips

Long Distance Bus Trips

There's no reason to sit uncomfortably in a tight car. With a bus rental, long-distance trips achieve added comfort, with large seats to rest in and a drive to handle the navigation along the way.

Trip & Event Bus Rentals in Arlington Heights, IL

Travel with your whole group in a comfortable charter bus with Infinity Transportation. With some options for events and trips, we will ensure everyone arrives on time for the big event.

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Get ready to go with our state-of-the-art coach buses in the Highland Park area. Our charter buses are well-equipped with a variety of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and entertaining trip. These include:

  • Large, tinted windows ensure privacy and offer protection from sun glare
  • Plush, comfortable seating, designed with long-distance travel in mind
  • In-bus entertainment systems to keep passengers engaged and entertained
  • Advanced climate control to maintain optimal comfort regardless of outdoor weather conditions
  • An elegant coach design for a touch of luxury during your journey.
New comfortable bus Freightliner M2-106 before leaving

57 Passenger Motorcoach

  • USB Outlets
  • TV/DVD/CD Player
  • Bluetooth
Infinity Transportation's big bus with no hood

54 Passenger Bus Rental

  • TV/DVD/CD Player
  • Private Restroom
  • PA/Microphone System
Freightliner M2-106 middle size bus for small groups

35 to 44 Passenger Bus Rental

  • Laminate Wood Flooring
  • Central AC & Heating
  • Large Storage
Ford Berkshire hooded mini bus

24 Passenger Mini Bus

  • PA/Microphone System
  • USB Outlets
  • Central AC & Heating

Experience and Expertise

With decades of experience in the transportation industry, our team offers a professional and reliable service, with trained and insured drivers and staff that ensure a safe, efficient, and smooth travel experience. With ample knowledge of Arlington Heights, Illinois, we will implement the best routes and stops for your needs.

Customized Service

At Infinity Transportation, we know that each trip or group has unique needs and requirements With this in mind, we provide a custom service to suit your ideal trip. Whether it's a long-distance trip or a large group event, we will ensure you have the best mode of transportation for the day.

Affordable Rates

At Infinity Transportation, we aim to make affordable, high-quality transportation accessible to all. With this in mind, we provide competitive rates and accurate quotes to help you plan for your next group trip with a budget-friendly service.

Easy Booking Process

There's no reason to make the booking process a challenge. At Infinity Transportation, we provide hassle-free booking online or over the phone, backed by an expert customer service team that will help you book the best service for your needs.

Why Choose Infinity Transportation for Your Charter Bus Rental?

There's a reason Arlington Heights, Illinois, and the surrounding Chicago area turn to us for their group transportation. Here's why Infinity Transportation is the go-to for group transportation in Chicago.


I would definitely recommend Infinity Transportation based of the professional office staff to the drivers. The buses are really clean and comfortable. Affordable and reliable!

Michael McDaniels

I had a great experience with Infinity Transportation. Everything was clean and the driver showed great customer service and provided all accommodations. Would definitely recommend to all family and friends!

Shalonza Wickliffe

Company owned buses, great drivers who communicate, all that I spoke to were helpful. I wish there were more bus companies like you. After the bus booker - CharterUp (Beware) did not pick my party up on one end of the journey and we had to Uber, Infinity came shining through on the other end. Recommend highly!

Mimi Sullivan
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Success Stories in Arlington Heights, Illinois

The cost to rent a charter bus for a large group depends on several different variables. From the distance you're traveling, to how long it will take, how many people are in the group, and what amenities you require, a quote will be provided for your unique needs. For instance, a full-day shuttle from O'Hare to Arlington Heights will likely cost more than a two-hour tour of the attractions in the area. Our team at Infinity Transportation will work with you to provide. inaccurate quote, pricing out your needs with a budget-friendly service.

Our Safe Buses for Field Trips

Another School Field Trip with Infinity Transportation

Coach Francis, who is employed at a Chicago charter school, has chosen Infinity Transportation to provide daily after-school transportation for athletics. On a specific day, he needs to transport the boys' basketball team to another local charter school in Chicago for a game. With 30 passengers consisting of student-athletes and coaches, Infinity Transportation's 35-passenger coach bus is an ideal choice for this trip. The group will be picked up at 2:45 pm and dropped off by 6:45 pm, making it a convenient option. The total cost of this trip will be $685, which includes driver gratuity. At approximately $19.57 per person riding the bus, this cost breakdown serves as an excellent example of how charter bus expenses are calculated for school events when working with reputable companies like Infinity Transportation.

Number of passengers: 50
Trip time: 4 hours
Rented charter: 35-passenger coach bus
The final cost:

Popular Sights in Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights is home to many sights and attractions that those across Illinois and surrounding states come to see. Not sure what to add to your agenda? Here are some of our favorites!

Arlington International Racecourse

Arlington International Racecourse is the go-to spot in the Chicagoland area for horse racing. With a large track and some high-stakes races, it's a great place to spend a warm summer day.

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

As one of the leading venues for entertainment in the Northwest suburbs, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre features a number of shows and events to enjoy throughout the year.

Lake Arlington

A beautiful alternative to Lake Michigan, Lake Arlington is a beautiful place for boating and walking, allowing you to spend the day with family in a peaceful location.

Arlington Heights Historical Museum

Located in downtown Arlington Heights, the Arlington Heights Historical Museum is a beautiful attraction to learn more about the area and the history of the city.

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Get a taste of Japanese cuisine at the Mitsuwa Marketplace. This Japanese grocery store offers items your average grocery store doesn't expand your palette.

North School Park

A beautiful location to walk through on a sunny day, North School Park is a beautiful and affordable sightseeing attraction. With holiday displays in the winter and beautiful foliage in the summer, it's a year-round attraction.

Arlington Heights Memorial Library

One of the most stunning public libraries in the suburbs, Arlington Heights Memorial Library is a beautiful stop to enjoy the architecture and all the information the library holds within.

Randhurst Village

A shopping mall located in Arlington Heights, Randhurst Village has everything from delicious restaurants to great shopping for a day of enjoying time with friends.

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