Charter Bus Cost - Average Price & Trips' Examples

Book a bus for your next special event or conference. Infinity’s comfortable buses and minibusses as well as professional drivers are always at your service. They are ready to shuttle any groups of people from convention centers to hotels and back, as well as airports, other conferences, field trips, or any private needs during a conference break. Or you can always give us a call

Trips and Events Performed by Infinity Transportation

A Well-Timed Shuttle From the Airport in Chicago with Infinity Transportation

Emily is organizing a meeting in Chicago, Illinois, and is expecting 1,000 participants. All these participants will arrive at O'Hare International Airport on different flights during the day. Since all participants do not arrive on the same flight, she needs to hire Infinity Transportation to provide a 6-hour transfer. Infinity Transportation will provide several buses...
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Going the Extra Mile: A Successful Corporate Trip in Chicago with Infinity Transportation

Edward is the corporate administrator of his employer company, and he was asked to organize a dinner or a Board of Directors. Board members flew in from all over the country and stayed at a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Dinner was ordered at a local restaurant...
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Navigating the Logistics: How Infinity Transportation Managed the Transportation Needs of a Large-Scale Convention in Chicago

Taylor is the chairman of the congress of this organization and oversees the organization of transportation for the upcoming congress. A total of 5,000 people will attend the event, and Taylor needs a shuttle to transport them between McCormick Place in Chicago and the local Chicago hotels where the participants are staying. These hotels include the Palmer House Hilton, Hyatt Regency Chicago and Hilton Chicago. For this congress, Taylor needs Infinity Transportation, which will provide buses for 3 consecutive days...
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From Chaos to Coordination: Infinity Transportation Ensures a Beautiful Wedding in Chicago

Mary is getting married in July and wants to hire Infinity Transportation to ensure the delivery of wedding guests back to the hotel after her wedding reception. The wedding takes place at the Chicago Cultural Center in the City, and guests stay at several different Chicago hotels, including Renaissance, Hyatt Regency and Sheraton Grand. Since the guests leave at different times, Mary needs a passenger bus that will run throughout the night...
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