From Chaos to Coordination: Infinity Transportation Ensures a Beautiful Wedding in Chicago

Chicago is home to thousands of weddings each year, no matter the season, and many couples turn to Infinity Transportation to assist with transportation for their guests to and from the big event. No matter how many guests or the number of hotels they are staying at, we are equipped to coordinate transportation for all.

The Wedding Day Plan

Mary is getting married in July and wants to hire Infinity Transportation to provide wedding guests with shuttling back to a hotel after her wedding reception. The wedding takes place at the Chicago Cultural Center in the city, and guests are staying at a number of different Chicago hotels, including The Renaissance, Hyatt Regency, and Sheraton Grand. Since guests will leave at different times, Mary needs a passenger bus that will loop throughout the night, starting at 11:30 pm through 1 am to bring all the guests back to their respective hotels.

With a looping, non-stop shuttle, Mary has chosen the 44-passenger bus - a perfect solution to transport guests throughout the night. With a continuous shuttle through the night, this service will cost $1,083, including the driver's gratuity.

A 44 Passenger Bus for Wedding Transportation

For this type of transportation needs and guests cycling through the looping shuttle through the night, Infinity Transportation chose a 44-passenger bus - perfect for picking up and taking guests to their hotels.

Thankfully, the night ran smoothly, and despite regular Chicago evening traffic, the bus ran in a loop to bring all the guests home, wrapping up at the Sheraton Grand at 1 am. With the bus running on a loop, some guests had to wait longer to arrive at their hotels but enjoyed the service and ended the night with their respective group.

The driver said the route made the most sense for the city, and all the guests were respectful after a long evening.

A Successful Wedding Night with Infinity Transportation

The looping, non-stop shuttle was a success for Mary’s wedding. The 44-passenger bus conveniently took guests from the Chicago Cultural Center in the city to the designated hotels, looping to bring everyone home safely.

With no interruptions, the driver was able to adhere to the designated schedule, maintaining the same cost approximation of $1,083 for the night. Due to the number of guests, the driver ended up doing three loops, safely accommodating just under 150 guests to their hotels. Ultimately, the driver ended up spending the full amount of time transporting guests, right up until the 1 am end time.

We let the client know when we were nearing the end time, which they appreciated urging the last few guests to board the bus. With the last party-goers all joining in on the final bus, the energy remained high and happy after a fun night.

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Another Happy Client

The customer service at Infinity Transportation is truly unmatched. I opted for their service as an airport shuttle, and they were incredibly accommodating with our flight delays. I’m so grateful for their kind team on this busy day.


Our driver at Infinity was awesome! I reserved a coach bus for four hours, but our corporate dinner ran over, and our driver was willing to push out the timeline an hour so we could wrap up our drinks before heading back to the hotel. The extra time with teammates was wonderful, and I’m happy we found such an accommodating driver!


I’m so grateful for Infinity Transportation’s help. We had around 2,000 guests attending this large convention, and I couldn’t have managed to coordinate all of their transportation to and from the event without Infinity. They were able to accommodate our last-minute additions with ease, and everyone had kind things to say about their drivers.


I’m so thankful we chose Infinity Transportation for our wedding night! They safely transport all our guests back to their hotels after the wedding, and the looping situation ended up working perfectly for our guests. Everyone got home safely and didn’t have to worry about driving themselves. I will use them for our next big event!


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