Infinity Transportation, a trusted Chicago bus charter service, is a popular option for locals and visitors looking for an easy way to get to and from wineries in the Chicagoland area.

With charter bus winery tours, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some of the finest wineries in the Chicago area without worrying about how you’ll get home. Not only do we provide local wine tours and convenient bus rental services for both large and small groups, but we’re also here to help you discover why charter bus winery tours in Chicago are so popular with locals and tourists.

Let’s take a look at why people love Chicago’s first glass wine tours.

#1. You Can Taste Rare Wine Blends

When you’re thinking about where to go for wine tasting, be sure to look for wineries that boast about rare wine blends. You’ll find that most good wineries in the region offer products designed to be different from what their competitors offer, meaning you’ll have a huge variety to choose from whether you tour a single winery, or use a charter bus to visit some wineries in the region.

You may never find the blends you discover during a wine tour anywhere else, giving you a reason to visit as many in the area as you can!

#2. Learn More About the Local History

When people ask “what is a winery tour?”, they may be surprised to learn that these tours offer more than just wine tasting and an opportunity to learn about wine. When you visit a local winery you’ll also have an opportunity to learn about local history.

Every winery in the area has its own unique story and history, and as you travel between the wineries you’ll get a good sense of the local history, how wine became an integral part of local culture, and much more.

Wine tours are a great way to learn about the local area and history – and you’ll have a chance to taste some amazing wines at the same time.

#3. Find Out About the Winemaking  

Learning about local history during food and wine tasting events is great, but you also want to learn about the winemaking process!

With a good tour guide, you’ll have more than just an opportunity to taste great wine but to see, in person, how the wine is made. That means seeing the vineyards, seeing how the grapes are prepared, and how the wine is created.

This process, which is thousands of years old, is fascinating to see and experience first-hand.

#4. Escape from the Crowd

Quality wine tours are also a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle, escape the crowds, and enjoy some peace. Vineyards are usually many acres in size, giving you a chance to experience the country, leave the noise behind, and enjoy quality time in nature while learning.

It’s like an outdoor museum experience, and you may incorporate a longer trip that involves a luxury hotel stay and days spent exploring the valleys.

#5. Wine Tours Are Different Everywhere

local wine tours

Remember that wine tours are different wherever you go. Different parts of the country have different landscapes, different local hotels and attractions, and different histories.

No two wine tours are the same, and it’s not just the environment. You’ll enjoy different wines, hear the unique challenges faced by each winery, and discover some interesting facts about the area.

#6. Enjoy Some Amazing Views

As Infinity Transportation alluded to earlier, wine tours are also a great opportunity to take in amazing views. Wineries are typically set in the hills and the valleys, where vineyards thrive.

Not only is a wine tour a great chance to learn, but people choose to attend tours with friends and family as a way of escaping the city and exploring what’s so special about the local wildlife.

Take some time before or after your wine tour to explore the fields, valleys, rivers, and trees. Or why not find a winery resort with a hotel, giving you more time to take in your surroundings?

Or, why not find a local guide who can help you discover everything there is to offer?

#7. Discover Wine and Food Pairings

Ever wanted to know how to pair a wine with food? Wine tours are a great opportunity to learn how experts determine what wine is best suited for a specific food or meal. Experts will teach you concepts that you can take home with you, meaning you’ll always know what wines to pair with a steak dinner, with salads, or with any dish you serve to your guests.

#8. Meet New People

Finally, group wine tours are an amazing way to meet new people with similar interests and tastes. Choose a group wine tour and you’ll spend the way with a small group of others, allowing you to make new friends.

Conversations always flow better after a glass of wine – and that’s certainly true during a wine tour, where you’ll do more than just drink, but learn about local history, discover great food pairings, and experience the beauty of the region. What better way to make new friends?

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To find out more about why Chicago travelers trust Infinity Transportation, to learn about our large fleet of vehicles and trusted local drivers, and for a free winery bus tour quote, why not give our team a call today?

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