Shuttle Bus Rental: All You Need to Know About Chartering a Shuttle Bus

June 28, 2022
Liz Arnold

If you need to move a large group of people from point A to point B, then a bus rental may be the way to go. Whether it is for work training, a church outing, or a student excursion, a shuttle bus rental is a safe and convenient way to ensure all the passengers reach their destination in time. A shuttle service rental is also one of the most cost-effective modes of transportation, so your event remains affordable for the participants and organizers alike. Here is everything you need to know about renting a shuttle bus.

Types of Shuttle Bus Vehicles

If you are looking for a bus for rent for your event, the wide range of vehicles available may be confusing. Here are some of the most common types of shuttle bus rentals.

Sprinter Van Shuttle

If you need to transport a smaller group of people over short distances – transporting a wedding party between the ceremony and reception, for example – then a sprinter van is a great choice. With a capacity of eight to fifteen passengers and amenities such as air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and baggage storage (depending on the model), they are an excellent option for shorter trips.

Minibus Rental

If you need the comfort of a coach bus for smaller passenger groups, then minibus rentals are the way to go. They can accommodate up to 22 passengers comfortably and are well-suited for shorter trips as they typically offer limited luggage storage. Some minibusses are ADA-compliant and can accommodate wheelchairs, so all your event participants can take part, regardless of their condition, and be comfortable and safe during the trip.

Mini Coach Bus Shuttle

Mini coach buses are as comfortable as their full-size counterparts and have a capacity of up to 31 passengers. They are a great option to use as a wedding shuttle to transport guests between the reception site and their hotel or for smaller church trips. They typically include amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, spacious seats, and legroom.

Coach Bus

Nothing beats the comfort of a coach bus for more significant events or long distances. With a capacity of up to 57 passengers and plenty of under-body luggage storage, they can transport large groups on trips that require plenty of gear, such as band concerts and camping trips. They also include many other amenities so your passengers remain comfortable, no matter how long the trip may be.

When to Rent a Shuttle Bus 

coach buses for rent

There are many occasions when a shuttle bus service rental may come in handy. Here are some instances when you may need a bus for rent.

Work Mobility Group Shuttle

Work mobility groups often require punctuality and all workers to arrive simultaneously. It can be an issue if the worksite is isolated or not served by public transportation. Therefore, many corporations – such as government groups, construction companies, or the military – may find coach buses for rent to be the most convenient mode of transportation.

Charter Bus Rental College Campus Transportation

There are many occasions when students need to attend events off-campus: student trips, competitions, job fairs, and so on. These events often have odd hours or limited transportation options. A shuttle bus rental ensures that all participants get to the right place at the right time and can keep the event affordable.

Summer Camp

Summer camps often offer excursions and day trips that are a highlight for campers. However, navigating public transportation can be a headache for chaperones, and there is always the possibility that one student will get lost along the way. Not to mention, school buses can be uncomfortable. Charter buses offer more safety and flexibility for your camp field trip, with transportation options for all group sizes.

Commercial Centers

Large commercial centers offering a wide range of amenities are often located far from city centers, where some residents may not have access to a vehicle. Shoppers may also be reluctant to travel long distances. Commercial centers can attract more customers by offering free shuttle services with convenient drop-off locations.

Church Groups

Not all worshippers have access to a vehicle or the physical ability to reach their place of worship as often as they wish. Church trips, retreats, or missions also require transporting larger groups on special occasions. Renting shuttle buses is the perfect solution for religious group transportation since they are flexible, affordable, and convenient.

Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport travel can be stressful even for experienced travelers. Parking at the airport is expensive – especially for a more extended trip – and with a significant amount of luggage in tow, using public transportation is stressful. If you have a large group traveling to faraway destinations, getting to the airport in time can be as demanding as going through the hassle of security and jet lag. 

An airport shuttle rental can help you start your trip on the right foot. A bus for rent offers the convenience and security of a door-to-door service. Besides, our experienced drivers are familiar with the best routes and timing so you can be at your gate in time.

Corporate Event Shuttles

Corporate events are a unique opportunity for companies to strengthen their ties with their employees and clients. From company retreats and team-building outings to business training and conventions, they are essential to any successful business. However, ensuring that all the participants – even those who may not be familiar with the area – reach their destination in time can be a hassle. 

Securing a corporate event bus ensures that your guests are where they are supposed to be, no matter your destination or group size. Transportation services also include amenities such as Wi-fi that may contribute to the productivity of your event.

Wedding Shuttle Bus

Weddings are joyful events but can also be a logistical nightmare for the happy couple. How do you ensure that out-of-town guests do not get lost using public transportation or that the wedding party stays together throughout the venue changes, wedding events, and multiple obligations? 

A wedding shuttle ensures that your Special Day remains as stress-free as possible. It is a safe, convenient option for guests who may overindulge, have mobility issues, or not be familiar with the area. Don't forget about those reclining seats! Charter bus rentals are also a suitable solution if the wedding has a venue change between the ceremony and the celebration.


There are many occasions when renting a shuttle bus is the most affordable and reliable transportation option for your event. Whether for work or leisure, it is common for groups of people – large or small – to need to move from point A to point B together. Alternatives, such as individual vehicles, public transportation, or taxis, often fall short of expectations and may cause additional troubles for guests and organizers. 

With a wide variety of buses for rent available, Infinity Transportation has the perfect solution depending on your destination, group size, and budget. We always ensure you reach your destination safely and comfortably. Contact us today to discuss all your shuttle bus rental needs.

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