What Is a Mini Bus? Everything You Need to Know

October 20, 2023
Liz Arnold

For customized group travel in Chicago, mini bus rentals are a unique and enticing option. They offer an optimal mix of space, adaptability, and agility, providing smaller groups with the ability to smoothly navigate through the city’s narrow streets and comfortably transport groups that are too big for vans yet too compact for larger charter buses. Are you looking for charter bus services for your next trip? Join our team at Infinity Transportation as we explore the qualities, advantages, and persistent appeal of mini buses for a wide range of travel needs.

Understanding Mini Passenger Bus

A mini bus is a handy and flexible transportation solution that's designed to carry a modest group of travelers, typically accommodating between 14 and 30 individuals. The mini bus is characterized by its compact, boxy form and elevated roof. It harmoniously merges the characteristics of a standard automobile with those of a full-sized bus, offering enough space for passengers to stand if needed. Available in various sizes and configurations, mini buses facilitate easy entry through side or rear doors. They're equipped with gasoline, diesel, or electric powertrains and have options for front, rear, or all-wheel drive. This makes them versatile in catering to a range of transport needs.

How Many People Fit in a Mini Bus

Distinct types of mini buses are available within the transportation sphere, each differentiated primarily by their seating capacity. At Infinity Transportation, we proudly feature 24-seat mini buses to ensure an optimal balance between compactness and enough space for passengers.

Small Passenger Bus Amenities

Navigating through journeys with mini buses means you'll enjoy a ride that's both comfortable and convenient. Take advantage of PA systems, Wi-Fi, USB outlets, climate control, generous luggage space, and comfortable seating designed for relaxed travel.

Flat-screen TVs and DVD/CD players offer en-route entertainment while reclining seats provide an opportunity to rest and relax.

Various amenities cater to assorted needs, and additional amenities like hardwood floors and onboard bathroom facilities can be found on select models to further elevate the travel experience.

Mini Passenger Bus Storage Space

Mini Passenger Bus Storage Space

Mini-buses offer enough space for each passenger's hand luggage, meaning they're the perfect blend of comfort and practicality. Infinity Transportation notably offers options with rear luggage storage. Passengers can conveniently stow away their belongings while enjoying a spacious, uncluttered seating area during their journey.

Are Mini Buses Designed to Be Wheelchair Accessible?

Absolutely! Certain mini buses come fitted with wheelchair lifts or ramps to ensure accessibility for passengers with disabilities. Keep in mind that this isn't a universal feature across all mini buses, so it’s important to verify the availability of these accommodations with the rental company ahead of time. For example, Infinity Transportation provides a 20/22-passenger handicap-accessible bus rental that's explicitly designed to meet the varied needs of all passengers and ensure travel is inclusive and accessible.

Mini Bus vs Mini Coach Bus

Delving into the specifics, what is a mini coach bus in comparison to a mini bus? While both cater to group transportation, mini coach buses typically offer a slightly larger passenger capacity.

A standard mini bus effortlessly accommodates up to 30 travelers which is a practical, cost-efficient option for medium-sized groups. In contrast, Infinity Transportation introduces its 35/44-passenger coach buses, which expertly marry larger capacity and streamlined travel.

Mini buses are often preferred for long-distance travel and are especially popular for shorter journeys. Coach buses are ideal for extensive journeys, particularly those exceeding 500 miles.

Van vs Mini Bus: What Is the Difference?

Mini buses distinctively stand out as a premier choice for group travel and offer countless benefits over most vans:

  • Enhanced capacity: Mini buses accommodate up to 30 individuals, offering a cost-effective solution compared to the limited 12-15 seating capacity in many vans.
  • Superior storage: They offer significant storage options, including overhead bins, which outperform the limited space typically available in vans.
  • Safety first: Enhanced safety features, such as dual rear wheels and steel cage construction, keep passengers safe during travels.
  • Comfortable seating: Offering plush seating and additional headroom, mini buses are generally more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Accessibility: With lower entry steps and assistive handles, mini buses make boarding easy, especially for older or disabled passengers.
  • Lavish amenities: Unlike standard vans, mini buses spoil passengers with amenities like plush seating to enhance the overall travel experience.
  • Professional drivers: Choosing a mini bus often ensures a knowledgeable and thoroughly vetted driver, making sure your group is transported safely and efficiently.
  • Ideal for various journeys: Be it long-distance travel or navigating through event traffic, the comfort and conveniences of a mini bus undoubtedly elevate the travel experience.

How Much Does a Mini Bus Cost to Rent in Chicago?

The cost to rent a mini bus in Chicago can vary based on seasonal variables, length of the journey, and distinct needs. Generally speaking, prices range from $100 and $200 per hour. Opting for a mini bus rental emerges as a cost-effective means for navigating the city and exploring its peripheral areas.

Bus Type Cost by Mile Cost by Hour Daily Rates (Up to 12 HR)
Mini Buses $3.00 – $6.00 $100.00 – $170.00 $900.00 – $1600.00
Mini Coach Buses $3.50 – $6.00 $100.00 – $190.00 $1000.00 – $1900.00

Take a Mini Bus on Any Type of Trip

Navigating through various destinations with a mini shuttle bus is ideal for:

  • Business Travel: Ensuring punctual and comfy transfers to foster a productive environment amidst transit between corporate events and meeting venues.
  • School Travel: Facilitating safe and orderly transport for educational excursions and sports teams, assuring all activities are timely and well-coordinated.
  • Family Outing: Providing a unified and joyful travel solution that reduces the stress of managing multiple vehicles during festive gatherings.
  • Special Events: Delivering stylish and convenient transportation for celebratory occasions, such as weddings or significant parties, to help guests travel in comfort and style.
  • Church Outreach: Ensuring dependable and inclusive transportation for community and church gatherings, supporting events that connect and enrich the community.

Make Your Mini Bus Reservation Today

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Chicago, Infinity Transportation is known to offer secure, plush, and efficient charter bus solutions. We're proud to cater to both small and large groups, and we have an array of mini and charter buses that are carefully maintained and steered by expert drivers. Have peace of mind that our team is dedicated to ensuring your safe and satisfying journey.

We cater to various events, from corporate ventures to family reunions, allowing passengers to embrace the ease of travel with our specialized solutions. Book your mini bus rental today, and embark on a journey where the ride is as delightful as the destination in and around the Chicagoland area.

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