7 Benefits of Shuttle Service for Your Company: Why Buses Are Perfect for Employee Shuttle Service

March 11, 2022
Liz Arnold

As the world returns to work, it might be time for your business to consider using employee shuttle bus services. When you work in a city like Chicago, and your employees live in various places in the surrounding Chicagoland area, a corporate shuttle service gives your employees a less stressful way to travel every day.

Whether you require daily shuttles to help employees arrive at work on time, or you're looking for occasional shuttles for professional events, Infinity Transportation has affordable options for you.

Let's take a look at seven reasons why a shuttle service for employees could improve your employee's work experience and even help your business grow. 

#1. Less Stress for Your Employees 

First, employee shuttles mean less stress for your employees. Instead of battling the traffic alone, your employees will be able to spend time together on a convenient shuttle service. They'll get to know one another better, and they won't have to deal with the traffic.

A company shuttle can be a great selling point for bringing on new team members, too. Who doesn't want to be less stressed when traveling to work during rush hour and heading home at the end of the day?  


#2. Corporate Shuttle Service Boosts Punctuality 

A work shuttle effectively solves most punctuality problems. By creating a custom schedule that picks up employees from their homes at certain times in the morning, you can ensure that every employee arrives at work at not just the right time…but at the same time.

This is the best way to start the workday for your employees, meaning everyone gets started at the same time. It's also a hugely important part of building your business and promoting productivity from the moment the workday starts. 

#3. Savings on Parking and Transportation 

Organizing safe and nearby parking for employees can be tough – even if you already have a parking lot. Maintaining parking lots, and ensuring that they are safe, can be a lot of work and even opens up some liability issues. For businesses without a parking lot, employees will typically require that you reimburse them for the cost of parking nearby.

A shuttle service for companies in Chicago, like what we offer here at Infinity Transportation, solves all of these problems. Shuttle services are an affordable way to avoid reimbursing members of staff for mileage on their cars and the often high cost of daily parking.  

#4. Better Employee Productivity 

Here's another reason your company needs an employee shuttle service: it boosts productivity!

No, really, it does. The average commute time for American workers – before the pandemic hit – was 51 minutes, according to the United States Census Bureau. When you consider the fact that long commutes have a detrimental effect on your health, ranging from an increase in blood sugar to higher stress levels, it's clear that shuttle services can positively impact your workers' daily experiences. 

A less stressful commute – and potentially a shorter commute, depending on the hours that the shuttle operates – means happier and healthier employees. Healthier employees also mean greater productivity. Don't let your team waste energy on driving every morning!

#5. Private Shuttle Service Enables Tax Cuts Eligibility 

There are tax benefits to using a private shuttle service, too. Under the federal tax code, employees can receive up to $130 in tax benefits to pay for mass transit transportation – and a company shuttle service qualifies for these federal tax benefits. Every employee in your company can claim the benefits.

Under the current system, your company can use pre-tax funds to pay for commuting, and by hiring a shuttle service for your entire team, employees can take advantage of tax deductions to make traveling to work easier and less expensive. 

#6.  Brand Exposure & Hiring 

As we alluded to earlier, another one of the best advantages of shuttle bus services is noticeable when it comes to hiring. Offering a shuttle bus service is a great selling point when it comes to bringing new talent on board, and it could be the decision that sways a candidate to choose your company over another.

It also shows that your brand cares about your employees, which is more important than ever in a market that cares so much about ethical matters and the employee experience. Show the world you care about your team with a safe and reliable shuttle bus service from Infinity Transportation! 

#7. Less Road Traffic 

By using a shuttle bus, you're actually contributing to reducing the traffic on the road. With more people working at home in the wake of the pandemic and with businesses opting for small shuttle buses and 57 passenger coach bus shuttle options, you'll help reduce traffic on the road and help employees get to work quicker in the morning. 

#8. New Team Building Opportunities

Your current employees may not have had the opportunity to socialize and network in a long time. However, offering them a comfortable employee transportation option as they go through their daily commute may encourage them to get to know each other. Your employees' productivity may increase as the teams as they take a head start on their work day by going over their to-do lists or creating stronger bonds with casual chitchat. New recruits can exchange with long-term employees they may not have access to otherwise on an employee shuttle.

Instead of worrying about traffic congestion, fighting off public transit, or stressing out about disruptions on their preferred route, your employees can have a peaceful and productive start to their day while enjoying reclining seats, wifi, and power outlets.

Team Building in Bus

#9.  Accessibility Features

Companies are encouraged to include people of all abilities, but accessibility can be a concern for those with mobility issues. Public transportation is often difficult and stressful to navigate, and not everyone can operate or have access to an appropriate vehicle.

Providing an ADA-compliant private shuttle for group transportation is an excellent way to increase employee satisfaction and secure top talent for your company. If health is a concern, you can request sanitary measures, such as mask-wearing or contactless temperature checks for passengers.

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Want to enjoy all these great benefits, improve your team's working dynamic, and become a more environmentally conscious company? All you need to do is request a free quote for employee shuttle services.

If you operate within the Chicagoland area, Infinity Transportation can ensure your employees arrive on time every day and even provide occasional shuttle services for special events and visiting colleagues and guests.

For more information and a free quote for employee shuttle bus services, get in touch today!

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