What to Do on a Long Bus Ride?

January 21, 2022
Liz Arnold

As we all well know, the journey often beats the destination. While charter buses are incredibly convenient to travel on, sometimes it can be boring just to sit and wait until you finally arrive. When you’re bored, the ride seems much longer than it is, and the anxiety starts to build up.

So, to get the most out of your future trip, you should try to get as much entertainment as possible from your long bus ride. We’ve prepared some of the most fun bus ride games and activities to help your next trip be the best it can be.

Are You Traveling as an Individual?

If you’re traveling on your own, and all the people around you are strangers, try to keep yourself entertained with these solo activities:

#1. Try Reading to Pass the Time

Reading is the most obvious, productive, and relaxing way to pass the time. Whether it's fiction, work-related reading, or just some interesting article you happened across, it's perfect as long as it keeps you entertained. Sometimes, reading can distract you from the tedious ride and create a whole other world for you to spend some time in.

One of the downsides of reading is that your eyes can get tired in the process, and you might have a little motion sickness. If this is the case, take short breaks as needed so you don’t feel sick. 

#2. Listen to Music

There's nothing like good music to keep you in a good mood. Not only can it help you shorten the time of your charter bus ride, but it also helps you relax and provide great stress relief. You can also try tuning in to podcasts or even ASMR - whichever is your preference.

Come prepared and create a playlist just for the ride, or, since you have so much free time on your hands, discover some new amazing artists and songs. Just don't forget to bring headphones with you: some of your fellow coach bus passengers might not appreciate your taste in music.

Listen to Music

#3. Browse the Web

One of the most obvious fun things to do on a bus is simply browsing the web and it’s one of the most effective ways to distract yourself. There are so many different things to discover on the internet that you’ll always find something that interests you to kill time.

YouTube videos, articles, or some online games and apps - you name it. Just make sure to have a strong and stable connection and take your charger with you. There are plenty of amenities on charter buses nowadays, including electrical outlets and WiFi.

#4. Photo Organization and Editing

If you've amassed a collection of photos, particularly from your current trip, use your bus ride for photo organization and enhancement. Take the time to fine-tune lighting, eliminate subpar snapshots, or share your favorite shots with friends and family. This is a productive way to make the most of your time during long bus rides.

#5. Online Gaming Entertainment

Solo travelers on charter bus journeys can find entertainment in online games. While chess is a popular choice, you can explore various options, including checkers, backgammon, solitaire, and more. Pick your preferred game and indulge in an enjoyable way to while away the hours on the road.

#6. Language Learning Opportunity

Maximize your time on the bus by embarking on a language-learning journey. Numerous user-friendly apps offer language lessons for free, enabling you to acquire a new language skill during your travels. This is a constructive use of your long bus ride, enriching your abilities as you travel to your destination.

#7. Reflective Journaling

Transform your extended bus ride into a journey of introspection by journaling. Documenting your thoughts and experiences allows you to engage in a therapeutic and enlightening process. Your diary or travel blog entries serve as a record of your journey, offering insights and memories for future reference. If you don't already have a journal, consider ordering one online and embracing writing as a fulfilling hobby during your travels.

#8. Chat with Your Fellow Passengers

You never know how interesting the person sitting right beside you can be! There's nothing like a real face-to-face conversation, so try breaking the ice with your coach bus neighbor; who knows, it could even be the start of a new friendship.

Since you both ended up on the same bus, there might be some fun stories to share from the places you’ve traveled. Ask them about their plans for where they are going or coming from or share your story and the overall experience from your trip. Try some small talk first to make sure they’re interested in chatting during their trip.

Are You Traveling with a Group?

Having a group trip is an entirely different story. If you travel mostly with people familiar to you, or especially if you’re going to be accompanying kids (for example, if it's a school charter bus trip) - try these games for bus trips:

Are You Traveling with a Group?

#9. Name that Tune

Name that tune is a classic game that will never get old! People of all ages love this game, kids especially, and the rules are simple. Just play a song and whoever can guess it first, wins. As modern coach buses are often equipped with TV screens and speakers, you can even organize a championship among all willing passengers, no matter the bus size. Just don't forget to prepare the general rules, genres, brackets, and format for this "tournament."

#10. Would You Rather

"Would you rather?" is a great game that can force players to think deeply and consider their answers or give them a good laugh. The concept is simple: ask a question with a dilemma in it, for example, "Would you rather eat only pizza, or never eat a pizza again?" or “Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?” The theme and seriousness of these questions depend only on your preference and imagination. Since it keeps your other players entertained, "Would you rather?" can be one of the best games for a long bus journey.

#11. Pencil and Paper Games

There are plenty of different paper games out there! From dots to tic-tac-toe to anagrams, there's a game that will be to someone's liking. These games are both simple enough for children and well-known enough for adults, as they probably played them when they were kids.

If you’re planning to organize some kind of gaming activity for all of the charter bus passengers, be sure to prepare everything necessary beforehand and come prepared with some ideas to make sure everything runs smoothly.

#12. License Plate Game

This is a classic road trip or bus trip game. Simply look out of your window and try to spot as many license plates from different states as possible. You can keep score by adding up points, or by crossing them out from the pre-made list. This game helps kids learn more about all of the states, and adults might enjoy sharing their own experiences from the states they see on the license plates.

#13. Two Truths and a Lie

Another set of fun and entertaining bus games for kids includes "Two Truths and a Lie." Most kids already know the rules because this easy game is a common icebreaker in classrooms and summer camps, but if they don’t, the rules are quite simple: share three facts about yourself (one is deliberately false), and the competitors must figure out which one is the lie among the truths.

You can also pick a theme, or tweak the rules: the coach bus passengers will enjoy it!

Two Truths and a Lie

#14. Card Games

Playing card games isn’t exactly a group activity, as you should be in your seat while the charter bus is on the move. However, you can bring a deck of cards with you onboard. Playing some kind of card game is a great way to break the ice and get to know your bus seat neighbor better.

And if you're not really like the classic card games, there are plenty of different options, like Uno. Just choose what both you and your neighbor like and get ready to have a good time!

#15. Trivia Games

There are many different options for types of trivia games out there, with differences ranging from the number of players to topics and themes to levels of difficulty. It can be organized either with pre-bought cards, cards you make yourself, or on various mobile apps and built-in bus electronics features (if available).

Trivia games are the perfect way to keep kids, teens, and adults alike engaged. And it's incredibly useful for children, as it encourages teamwork and creative thinking, as well as encouraging kids' mental growth and development.

#16. Alphabet Challenge Game

Start an engaging alphabet challenge during your charter bus journey. The objective is simple: starting with "A," gaze out the window and spot signs, buildings, landmarks, or objects that commence with each sequential letter of the alphabet until you reach "Z." This entertaining game not only keeps your mind active but also allows you to relish the scenery along your long journey.

Alphabet Challenge Game

#17. Collaborative Storytelling

Enhance camaraderie among fellow passengers with a collaborative storytelling game. Assemble a group of four or five friends on the bus. The game begins with a participant offering a story's initial four words, followed by the next person contributing the subsequent four words, and so forth. To add excitement, set a time limit for each turn. You can also raise the stakes by establishing story parameters such as themes, settings, or periods. Challenge your creativity and see how long the story can evolve before someone hits a creative roadblock during your bus activities.

#18. Road Trip Bingo

While this activity requires some planning, it can result in immense entertainment. Create customized bingo cards featuring common sights along your road trip route. You can even spice things up by including unusual items like purple cars or broken tree branches on the bingo cards. Compete with fellow passengers to be the first to complete a bingo card or achieve other objectives, with the possibility of rewarding prizes. Road trip bingo adds an element of competition and excitement to your long bus ride, ensuring a memorable experience.


Bookmark this article for your next long bus trip, because with these activities and charter bus games, you will keep your good mood up to your destination. If you currently plan on hosting a bus trip, give us a call! With Infinity Transportation, you can rent a charter bus for group transportation, and rest assured that your trip will be both safe and smooth!

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