What Is Charter Bus: a Complete Guide

January 28, 2022
Liz Arnold

Even though hiring a charter bus for your next trip seems like a simple task, there are many factors to consider. From the size of the bus to included amenities, the difference between modern vehicles can be tremendous.

This is why we created this article: so you can better understand the differences between the buses and choose the most suitable one for your next trip. If you are about to book a bus charter service for the first time, or just want to know more on the subject, this guide is exactly what you are looking for.

What Is the Definition of a Charter Bus?

First, let's define what a charter bus is in general. While it may look like a regular bus overall, the key difference is in its purpose. While a regular bus (for example, the public bus that moves on its route through the city) picks up passengers one by one along its way, a charter bus is booked in advance and is usually used for group transportation.

Charter buses can go wherever the road goes: from a quick drive to the airport to national bus charter trips. Modern charter buses are well equipped for even the longest of trips and come with several amenities.

What Amenities Are Included?

The cost of charter bus rental depends directly on the amenities that the vehicle is equipped with. And even though they can greatly vary from bus to bus and from company to company, the most common ones are:

  • The restroom. A built-in toilet makes it much more convenient and comfortable for passengers to take long charter bus trips and saves lots of precious time by reducing the number of bus stops.
  • WiFi and outlets. As we all like to browse the web, modern buses are equipped with all you may need: both a strong internet connection and the ability to charge up your device whenever your battery drains.
  • AC system. Is it too hot for you on a sunny day? Or do you feel cold after the sun sets? The built-in climate control feature brings the passengers' comfort to a whole other level.
  • Speakers and displays. This useful feature makes it possible to play any audio or video you might need. Turn on a movie, give announcements to passengers, or just play some music — the applications are countless.
  • Storage. Dedicated luggage storage makes it much more convenient to travel. Passengers won't have to worry about their belongings, knowing that it’s completely safe and sound.

What Size a Charter Bus Can Be?

Charter bus USA

There are plenty of charter bus types, and they differ mainly in the size of the vehicle and the number of seats. While some of them are perfect for short trips, others should be go-to picks for long ones, so choose your charter bus carefully.

Overall, the charter buses can be divided into these categories:

  • Coach bus. These vehicles are the largest of their kind. They have from 30 to 60 seats and usually include all of the amenities mentioned above. A great choice for a long bus trip with a large group of people.
  • Mini coach bus. These buses can fit up to 28 people and even though they are smaller than the regular coach buses, there is still plenty of space for storage.
  • School bus. A classic school bus is great for groups of 30-50 people. It is most efficient for short-distance trips.
  • Mini-bus. This bus can fit up to 21 passengers. It usually serves as a shuttle bus and the overall cost of services is incredibly affordable.
  • Mini-van. Designed for groups of up to 15 people, this vehicle is a great replacement for a carpool, making it incredibly environmentally friendly.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus?

Now that we are done with definitions and divisions, let's take a closer look at functionality. While there are many ways to get from point A to point B, a charter bus group travel has numerous benefits over all of the other means of transportation. These advantages include:

  • Convenience and timing. With a large group of people departing and arriving at the same time, planning any kind of event becomes a much easier task.
  • Safety. Both drivers and vehicles undergo a thorough inspection and must correspond to strict standards. This way bus charter companies achieve maximum safety for their passengers.
  • Price. Renting a charter bus is much more affordable than you may think! And even though the price relies on many different factors, choosing a charter bus over a carpool or plane trip will save you a great deal of money.
  • Comfort. Soft, reclining seats and modern amenities ensure maximum comfort for passengers.
  • Low impact on the environment. A single charter bus can do the job of a dozen cars. Fewer vehicles on a road mean less carbon emission, therefore the negative impact on the environment is less significant.


Booking a bus charter service requires thorough and careful planning. Not only do you have to choose the most suitable vehicle, but also you need to contract a professional coach bus company.

We at Infinity Transportation are experts in our field. We are serving clients all over Illinois, and we will gladly help you choose the right charter bus for your specific occasion. Feel free to contact us at any time to get a quick quote for charter bus services!

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