10 Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus for School Field Trip

February 2, 2022
Liz Arnold

For most teachers, sending their students on a field trip is already routine in their educational process. Field trips help create stronger team spirit and enhance teacher-student relationships, as well as make classes more entertaining. It is incredibly important to organize everything in advance and choose a proper means of school trip transportation.

Comfort, the convenience of travel, and most importantly, the safety of children is the key factors for choosing a means of transportation. Hiring a charter bus for a field trip is a great choice, and the main benefits of it are listed further in this article.

#1. Bus Trips Are Comfortable

Dealing with a large group of kids outside of a strict school environment can be troublesome even for the most experienced teachers. And if your students are getting anxious because of the discomfort of a ride on a traditional school bus, the chaos is just about to grow exponentially.

Hiring modern coach buses for school trips completely negates this problem: you get soft and comfortable seats, enough space for everyone, and fun and beautiful views in the windows. Now you have another task at hand: to keep your students entertained. You can probably prepare some group activities to keep the fun going but in most cases, kids will take care of that themselves.

#2. Charter Buses Are Reliable

When it comes to transportation, there are many unpleasant surprises possible that can delay your arrival or even ruin the whole trip. And of course, the safety of kids is the number one priority. Always consider hiring a professional bus company for field trips, as this will minimize the risk of accidents of any kind.

Charter bus drivers are certified professionals, so the safety and overall quality of the bus trip are guaranteed. Drivers come prepared for their job, and they are perfectly aware of the route they will take and the current situation on the road.

School buses for field trips

#3. There's Better Hygiene on a Bus

Let's be honest: one kid can produce a mess, and a whole class of them can create a disaster. This is why professional charter bus companies regularly clean and disinfect their buses, so no risk to the passengers' health is present, especially for the children.

Let's address the elephant in the room: COVID-19 made cleaning regulations stricter than ever before. Charter bus companies go the extra mile in their disinfecting efforts, so you can rest assured that the bus you're about to be driven in is perfectly clean and safe for the kids.

#4. Students Enjoy Bus Trips

The overall atmosphere of a school field trip is magical: no school walls, no classes, just an informal environment, and fun times with your classmates. And having a charter bus for a school trip will only add to this: there's plenty of time for kids to have a lot of fun on the way there and back.

A smooth ride and great views will make this trip an event to remember. And even if the kids find the theme of a field trip somewhat boring, still getting out of the school routine is a pleasant change.

bus for school trips

#5. Traveling by Charter Bus Rental Is Convenient

First of all, the logistics aspect of any group travel is complicated as it is. Most events are run on a tight schedule: gather the kids, arrive, attend, and get the group back safely. School field trips are vitally important to plan carefully, as it's a big stress for teachers to make sure everything is on schedule and no one gets left behind.

Hiring school buses for field trips allows everyone to arrive at the place simultaneously, and all the teacher has to do is headcount everyone before the bus departs. So, needless to say, this is the optimal way to keep every trip on schedule.

#6. There Are Modern Amenities Included

Pretty much all modern charter buses nowadays come with a set of amenities. An AC system for hot summer days (make sure that no one gets cold if the AC works too intensely), reclining seats to take a nap, and outlets for electronics.

And the most important one: a modern charter bus for school trips has a toilet built-in. It's incredibly frustrating to get motion sickness, but it's even more so for kids. There won't be a need to make an emergency stop if your bus is equipped with a toilet.

#7. Plenty of Space for Backpacks and Luggage

No one likes having their backpack or luggage shoved at their knees during a long journey for a field trip. Charter bus rentals have a very large storage section, ideal for bags and luggage, as well as snacks, water bottles, and any other school field trip essentials.

Space for Luggage

#8. Overnight Trips Available

Some school field trips are far enough that an overnight component is necessary. Rest assured, most charter bus rental companies offer overnight stay options, ensuring students won't get stranded. There are strict regulations for how long drivers can drive the bus rentals, and all rules will be followed.

#9. Charter Buses Are Cost-Effective and Green

Packing a large number of students on one bus means reducing your carbon footprint substantially, as it's one bus for an entire trip, rather than a large number of separate cars. Group travel, from carpools to buses, has always been a great way to be green, and using the perfect charter bus is no exception.

#10. Charter Bus Field Trips Are Easier to Coordinate

A comfortable journey starts with a comfortable departure, and that means having an easy-to-coordinate option for trips. Unlike using multiple cars and drivers, it's much easier to rely on a charter bus for coordination. Every child is in one place, and there will be significantly less miscommunication.

Why Hire Infinity Transportation?

Taking into account all of the above benefits, bus transportation for field trips is the best choice. Still, an important decision lies ahead of you: what charter bus rental company should I hire?

The answer is simple: hire Infinity Transportation - a perfect bus company for field trips! With our extensive experience transporting kids, we know exactly how to make your next school field trip an amazing time for everyone. Feel free to contact us at any time for a quote and more details!

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