Best Winter Activities for a Coach Bus Trip: How to Organize a Winter Group Tour

December 19, 2022
Liz Arnold

Unlike the summer season, winter in the Midwest can have many wondering, "what can we do" amidst the frigid cold and inches of snow flurries. And while we certainly can't hit the beach or spend hours in the sun, there are some unique winter group activities that can even make The Grinch smile.

Whether you're organizing an off-season wedding, playing a game with the whole family, or going cross-country skiing, it's all made easier with group transportation services. To help you with how to organize a winter group tour, we are breaking down some of the most fun outdoor winter activities to help you enjoy the winter months. Let's dive right in!

Most Common Active & Fun Winter Activities for a Bus Trip

Believe it or not, a vast array of cold-weather activities are available to keep you and your family entertained all season. To assist, we are sharing our winter team outing ideas to help you find the best outdoor activities to do in the winter.

Ice Skating

One of the go-to classic winter activities is ice skating. A family favorite for both beginners and seasoned skaters, take advantage of the fresh hair and beat the winter blues with a family skating session.

Polar Bear Swim

Looking to travel for your fall-winter activities? We've got you covered. A fun trip to get the family and adventure-seekers excited is a polar bear swim. Many places have hosted "polar bear dips" for years, encouraging swimmers to take a dip in the freezing water. And the best part? Huddling together after in a warm, toasty bus.

Ice Fishing

winter team outing ideas

Another great way to spend time outdoors in the fresh air is ice fishing. Popular spots to ice fish include Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, and Lake Michigan for a more local option. No matter which you choose, you can transport a group of friends and kids in a bus, ensuring you get there safely and have enough room for all your equipment.

Winter Camping

There are some amazing camping spots that boast beautiful winter hikes and snowy hill scenes to enjoy. Unlike warmer seasons, it's important to bring extra gear and layers to stay warm while outside. This will likely take up more room than your small car's trunk can handle, so opt to transport your whole camping gang with a bus to ensure everything you need is on hand.

Ski & Snowboard

Across the country, there are a number of amazing slopes for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. From Aspen, Colorado, to Big Sky, Montana, skip the chaos of flying and take a coach bus with all your loved ones to your next skiing and snowboarding trip. This way, you don't have to worry about the cost to check your luggage and equipment, taking full advantage of the large undercarriage storage.


Snowshoeing is another go-to winter activity to keep both adults and kids entertained and add a bit of friendly competition. Ski resorts and national parks have even begun to maintain snowshoeing trails, allowing you to explore a new place while trying out this winter activity. Do some research on the best trails to ensure you have the best backdrop as you make your way across snowy valleys this season.

Cottage Weekend Resorts

In need of a little R&R? curl up with some hot chocolate and a cozy blanket at a cottage weekend resort. There are a number of beautiful cottages across the country where you can enjoy a mulled wine or a homemade soup, all with the wood-burning fireplace and rich backwoods we imagine. For a group cottage getaway, a minibus or mini coach bus will transport everyone perfectly.

How to Organize Your Winter Season Bus Trip 

how to organize a winter group tour

Whether you want to go dog sledding or enjoy hot cocoa in a beautiful winter cottage, the best way to ensure successful vacation bus tours is to organize and plan.

It's not just about securing the right size coach bus for your group but planning the stops along the way and your ideal timing. To assist, make a list of who needs transportation and the course you want to take, including any ideal stops, to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Be Prepared for the Winter Weather

The winter season is incredibly unpredictable. Whether there's a massive snowstorm or a frigid breeze, it's important to be prepared, even as you head to your winter wonderland.

To best plan your winter bus games extravaganza, be sure to bring warm clothes, hot drinks, and snacks to ensure you are protected from the cold and ready in case it's too chilly to venture out.

Choose Your Bus Well in Advance

There are a number of charter bus options you can utilize for your winter group activities this holiday season.

Before contacting our team about your coach bus, be sure you have the number of people and timeline ironed out in advance. This will help narrow down what size bus is best for you and your group.

Take Possible Traffic Delays into the Account

With the unpredictable winter weather, it's important to account for potential traffic delays. To get the most out of your trip, arrive early or on time, and build an itinerary carefully to avoid overlaps or rigid timelines.

When planning your trip, consider adding extra time to the estimated time it takes to reach your destination. This way, it won't ruin your plans if you are an hour or two late.

Hire a Professional Charter Bus Rental Company

Whether you want to build a snowman or a gingerbread house or want to get out in the snow with a snowball fight, skiing, or other fun things, there is an abundance of ways to get the most out of the winter season.

No matter what activity you choose, transportation should be the least of your worries. To assist with transporting your family or a large group of friends, our group tour coach bus rentals are here to help. Plan your next trip and get an estimate online today.

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