Business Events in Chicago: Fall 2022 Calendar

September 8, 2022
Liz Arnold

Chicago networking events are a fun way to connect with new people and learn more about other companies and industries. But let’s face it; getting around Chicago can be tricky and stressful. Our convention charter bus provides reliable and safe transportation throughout the city, allowing you to enjoy all of this season’s business events without the added stress.

September 2022

Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT) 2022 - September 8-9

If you’re a coatings manufacturer or supplier that uses both powder and liquid coating technology, head to the Westin Chicago Lombard location for this can’t-miss event. Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT) 2022 is the premier coatings conference in the Midwest. While you’re at the event, make sure to see the offerings from Powder Coating Summit, which is a technical event that covers powder coatings. 

The purpose of this in-person event on September 8-9th, 2022 is to discuss technical innovations in this industry and provide a space to discuss innovative ideas. Meet with leaders in the industry and establish relationships with other coating professionals. 

LDC Gas Forum Mid-Continent - September 12-14

Another Chicago networking event to consider is the LDC Gas Forum Mid-Continent. This event takes place in the heart of River North at the Westin. At this 34th-annual event, over 400 leaders in the natural gas industry will be gathering for three days to network, gain insights and make deals. If you’re interested in networking with others in the natural gas industry, this is an event you won’t want to miss. There are many opportunities to meet and connect with others through both scheduled and unscheduled networking events. 

You can also take advantage of interacting with buyers and sellers in the industry. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to hear some impressive speakers as well as informal meetings. 

HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference 2022 - September 20-22

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Looking for a healthcare-specific Chicago business event? The HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference 2022 is taking place at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and is designed for professionals who work in the healthcare supply chain or related industries. There are education sessions where attendees can learn more about the latest trends that are making a splash on their customers and market segments. 

Take advantage of the speakers and panelists who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. As an alternative, there’s also a peer-to-peer exchange where participants can share experiences and learnings in smaller breakout sessions. 

October 2022

MDRP 2022 - October 12-14

Another captivating in-person business networking event in Chicago is MDRP, or Medicaid Drug Rebate Program. This event is at the JW Marriott in Chicago hosted by CBI. CBI is an Informa business, one of the leading health and life sciences companies that provide thought leadership, regulatory insights, case studies, data, benchmarking, and more. 

This conference is designed to facilitate collaboration between professionals while focusing on innovation and elevation. If you’re currently working in the biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, or healthcare industry, you can benefit from attending this conference. If you’re a consultant or software vendor in one of these areas, you could also benefit from attending. 

EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit - October 17-18

If you’re in manufacturing, distribution, marketplace operations, or a related B2B field and you’re looking for an innovative event, the 2022 Envision B2B Marketplace Summit is for you. This event is designed to lay out the challenges in the industry and discuss tactics to overcome them. 

This event is designed to have a more intimate single-group setting where marketplace experts can provide practical, valuable advice. Use this opportunity to network with others in your industry and learn to optimize your tools for sustained growth. Whether you’re in the early stages of developing your strategy or you’re hoping to accelerate growth in your existing business, you should consider attending. 

Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference 2022 - October 25

Don’t miss out on the Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference 2022. This is taking place at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center where HPP leaders and community members will meet. You can expect plenty of networking opportunities in addition to news and updates surrounding HPP developments. 

Topics include delving into consumer insights, emerging market segments, and innovations regarding technology. Another incredible positive of attending this Chicago business event is the fact that you’ll get to meet and interact with executives from around the world. You can expect to see executives from North America, Europe, and beyond. 

November 2022

NCSEA 2022 Structural Engineering Summit - November 1-4

Looking to interact with the top talent from the structural engineering field? Don’t miss out on the NCSEA 2022 Structural Engineering Summit at the Hilton in Chicago this November. This is the ideal conference for structural engineers and those who are interested in structural engineering, students included. If you’re a company that provides products and services to structural engineers, this could also be beneficial for you to attend. 

During the event, take advantage of different educational sessions that cover different structural engineering topics. There are also social and networking events and a trade show in addition to the NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards.  

Tiburon CEO Summit - November 7-9

This semi-annual event is hosted by Tiburon for all of its executive-level clients. This year’s next event will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago and provides select cross-industry senior executives to discuss varying issues. Attendees can expect to experience CEO roundtable sessions, CEO panel chats, fireside chats, and other ways to collaborate. 

The panel discussions are set up in a way to gain different viewpoints from CEOs and/or different industry players such as customers, financial advisors, venture capitalists, stock analysts, investment banks, journalists, and private equity investors, to name a few. 

Sales Enablement Summit - November 16-17

If you’re part of a sales team, make sure to attend this year’s Sales Enablement Summit in Chicago. Here, you can interact with and hear from sales enablers from some of the world’s biggest and most successful startups. You’ll get a unique opportunity to share your enablement success stories while going over innovative ideas, challenges, and experiences. 

This Chicago business conference will have 30 speakers in addition to over 150 attendees from over 75 companies. There will be many interactive sessions where you can learn from others and foster valuable relationships that result in invaluable business and sales advice. 


Following the hiatus of in-person business events and conferences, it’s time to get out there and make meaningful business connections once again! Rather than stressing out about how you and your colleagues will get to the event(s) of your choice, why not consider a convention bus transportation company instead?

At Infinity Transportation, we are Chicago’s trusted charter bus rental company. Not only are our services reliable and safe, but they are affordable and comfortable. For additional information about our charter buses or to get a quote, please contact us today!

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