✈️How to Get to the Airport: Comparing Airport Transportation Options

April 26, 2022
Liz Arnold

While we always look forward to the destination, figuring out the best way to get to airport locations can be a struggle.

Airports tend to be one of the busiest places in every city, with millions of travelers passing through each day for personal and business travel. Many questions can arise when looking for the best way to get there, especially when visiting a new location. So, what's the secret to a seamless airport experience? To avoid missing your flight and for quick transportation, an airport bus shuttle is the answer.

Not convinced? Offering the best airport shuttle transportation in the area, our team at Infinity Transportation is here to explain why it's time to leave your car behind, ditch parking, and opt for bus service to airport locations. From SUVs to carsharing and so much more, here are the options at your disposal.

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SUV Airport Shuttle

When considering the best transportation to the airport, SUV shuttles are at the top of the list.

This airport express shuttle is one of the most convenient options to transport to and from airport locations. Most shuttle service companies offer direct routes to the airport with a private SUV or sedan.

One of the biggest perks of choosing this easy shuttle is the number of companies that offer it. Shuttle services are quite common, and while some offer car rental services and private drivers, others come from hotels. Plus, they will pick you up from a specific location for increased ease. This door-to-door service is sure to make your experience a breeze.

Additionally, an SUV shuttle is incredibly reliable and organized. This service understands better than any other the importance of arriving on time, especially when traveling to and from airport locations. By scheduling your ride in advance, you can have a worry-free experience.

Using Carsharing Services

Bus service to airport

Another of the best transportation to airport options is car-sharing services or rideshares, which connects directly to your phone. This is wonderful for those who are traveling alone and want a convenient service, like Uber, to take them to the airport.

Like an SUV shuttle, rideshares are usually pretty reliable and willing to pick you up at any time, no matter how early or late in the day it is. Plus, these options usually utilize super convenient application systems that make ordering one incredibly simple.

Additionally, rideshare is one of the safest ways to travel. With super strict screening processes and background checks, drivers in rideshare systems are screened and ready to safely transport you from one place to the next. And since you can order this service in advance, you can guarantee the most convenient trip yet.

Hiring a Taxi to Get to the Airport

Hiring a taxi is a popular choice, and you'll generally see plenty of them at major airports. Though taxis litter almost every city, and it's not difficult to find a car, be sure to call for your taxi in advance. This will ensure one is available to get you and other passengers to the terminal on time.

Hiring a Limousine to Get to the Airport

If you're looking to ride to your nearest international airport in style, a limousine can be an exciting choice. Though perhaps not the lowest cost option, having a limo pick you up and drive you through downtown is a great way to make an otherwise boring trip to the airport fun.

Getting to the Airport by Public Transit

If you aren't comfortable using rideshare and there isn't a shuttle service in your area, public transit is your best bet to get to the closest international airport.

In all major cities, train and bus routes stop at the airport, making for a convenient and cheap option for airport transportation. Likely the most budget-friendly mode of transportation, you'll pay less on public transport, as it's often less than $5, ensuring you get there without breaking the bank or dealing with fluctuating surge pricing.

That being said, public transit isn't everyone's cup of tea, and with varying schedules and unexpected delays, it can cause some additional stress to your airport travels. To avoid any issues causing you to miss your flight, always give yourself extra time when opting for public transit as your mode of getting to the airport.

Using Airport Bus Shuttle Services

Best way to get to airport

Renting an airport transfer bus is easily one of the best ways to get to and from airport locations. Bus transfer to airport terminals is ideal for large groups and makes getting to the airport convenient, no matter how much luggage you may have in tow.

One of our favorite things about the shuttle bus is how comfortable it is. Coaches and mini busses have plenty of room for everyone, with legroom that puts your airplane seat to shame. On top of the added space, these modern buses are extremely stable on the road, making them one of the safest ways to travel, giving you extra peace of mind.

Additionally, a city shuttle bus offers a cheap solution for larger groups. Instead of paying for multiple Uber XLs, you can rent a shuttle bus to take you to the airport and accommodate as many people as you need. Plus, with a special focus and knowledge of airports in the area, the shuttle bus company always arrives on schedule for timely arrival to your flight, all while traveling in style.


The transport to and from airport terminals doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Whether you prefer the door-to-door convenience of an SUV service or rideshares or are looking for expertise and budget-friendly travel with the shuttle bus, there's an array of options you can explore to improve your next trip to the airport.

To alleviate some of your travel stress, Infinity Transportation is ready to assist. Our shuttle bus company is here to help you enjoy easy airport travel in Chicago, so you can focus more on the destination, and less on the steps it takes to get there. To book an airport shuttle bus for your next trip, contact us today.

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