Student Bus Rental: All You Need to Know

June 16, 2022
Liz Arnold

School bus transportation is an important part of any student’s life. They are a unique occasion to create memories with their peers on the way to exciting events. From the studious journeys on the way to compete with other schools to the exhilaration of a field trip, a student bus is also a place where memories are made.

However, finding transportation for students can be a nightmare for chaperones and organizers. It is a delicate balance between budget constraints and finding the correct type of vehicle for the event. This guide is here to help you figure out the appropriate school bus transportation services for an outstanding student experience.

Bus Types for Student Transportation

If you are wondering what the different types of vehicles available for your next student trip are, you are in the right place. We offer a large fleet of motorcoaches and charter buses, each with its particularities. Here are some of the most popular forms of bus rental for student transportation services.

School Bus Rental

The iconic yellow school buses are a prevalent choice for student transportation services for a reason. They offer a reliable and budget-friendly way to transport large groups of people to their destination and back without unnecessary thrills.

They do not offer modern luxuries, such as air conditioning and WIFI, or extra storage for personal belongings such as luggage or equipment. However, with a capacity of up to 47 people and large cushioned seats, they are an appropriate and comfortable option for shorter trips that will not break the bank. Students may use empty seats at the front or the back of the bus as a storage area.

schools bus transportation

Coach Bus

If the thought of traveling in a coach bus gives you cold sweat at the memories of long trips in uncomfortably cramped quarters, think again: school bus transportation has come a long way. Nowadays, a coach bus is one of the most comfortable forms of transportation for large groups for extended traveling.

Our coach buses, also known as motor coaches, have enough room to seat 55 people comfortably. They come equipped with all the modern comforts, including air conditioning, plush reclining seats, extra undercarriage storage, as well as hi-speed WIFI (perfect for cramming last-minute revisions or simply relaxing while watching videos.) It is your best option for further destinations over three hours away.

Minicoach Charter

If you are looking for the same comforts as the ones offered in a full coach bus but only need student transportation services for a small group of individuals, a Minicoach charter is the perfect solution. With a capacity of up to 31 people, these smaller versions of charter buses provide similar services, such as spacious seating, WIFI and outlets for on-the-road assignments and entertainment, and overhead and undercarriage storage.

They are appropriate for both longer and shorter excursions. They are also an excellent choice for those trips that require plenty of storage capacity for extra luggage and equipment, such as camping or band events.

Minibus Rental

If you are looking for transportation for students in small groups and want to keep prices low – both for fuel and rental costs – while maintaining a certain level of comfort, then a minibus rental is the perfect compromise.

Our luxurious minibusses are just as comfortable as their large coach counterparts. They have a capacity of up to 24 students and include amenities such as comfortable leather seats, USB outlets, air conditioning, and rear and overhead storage for any extra belongings or equipment. Minibusses are an excellent option for shorter trips, such as moving small groups across town.

School Bus Rental: The Occasions

There are many occasions throughout a student’s life that call for group bus transportation, whether it is for a small gathering or a large party. Here are some of the most common reasons you may need to hire school bus transportation services.

School Field Trips

Whether near or far, school field trips are undoubtedly a highlight for most students. From a day trip to a nearby farm to a multi-day camping adventure, they are a unique opportunity to spend time with friends away from the classroom. They are also the occasion for them to grow and learn while making the memories of a lifetime.

A school bus rental makes life a lot easier for chaperones and trip organizers as they allow students to stay together in a safe, structured environment. Unlike public transportation, everyone – overseers included – gets to their destination simultaneously and avoids the risk of stragglers.

school bus rental

Student Job Fair

Finding a first job can be a difficult task for a young graduate. A trip to a nearby job fair is an excellent occasion for students to be exposed to a wide variety of opportunities, ask questions, and maybe find the path to their future careers. However, they are not always easily accessible with public transportation.

Using school bus transportation services allows university students to head to nearby job fairs more efficiently so they can have more time networking and exploring their options. Set up a pick-up and drop-off location and time for an easy organization that lets all students take advantage of the same opportunities.

Hackathon Event

Hackathons are exciting opportunities for programming students to network, gain experience, and hone their skills in a fun, competition-style event. Over a short period of time (24 hours to a weekend), they get together to collaborate on a given project with their peers and more experienced professionals.

School bus transportation is often necessary for students to get to and from these events since they may be located in faraway destinations. By securing transportation for students, group organizers can ensure that all participants reach their destination safely and without breaking the bank. Besides, the trip itself is an opportunity to develop some team spirit.

Student Group Event and Parties

Student gatherings can be a headache for organizers: how do you ensure that all the participants get to the right place safely? Public transportation hours are not always compatible with the event’s timing, carpooling can be unreliable, and alternative options (such as Uber or Lyft) are expensive, especially if the event venue is far away.

School bus booking is a safe and economical way for all the students to get to the party safely, without having to navigate unfamiliar surroundings at late hours. Besides, with sound speakers in many of our buses, the party can start before you even reach your destination.


No matter the type of event your student group is attending, its location, or the number of participants, hiring student transportation services is often the most affordable and convenient way for everyone to reach their destination safely. It also allows chaperones and organizers to keep an eye on their charges to avoid anyone getting lost in the process or last-minute cancellations from participants who cannot secure transportation to the event.

Our school bus rental services offer options for all group sizes and budgets. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help you find the perfect solution to make your next student gathering a success.

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