Top 5 Stadiums in Chicago, Illinois: the Most Iconic Chicago Arenas

May 16, 2022
Liz Arnold

Chicago is known worldwide for its jazz music, deep-dish pizza, and old-school gangsters. But there is another, more thrilling side to this city that attracts sports aficionados by the droves. You can't spend time here without being acquainted with the city's passion for its sports teams.

Current and previous players are regarded as hometown heroes in the city. Because of this, there is no better venue to enjoy the exhilaration of city-wide team spirit than at athletic events in Windy City.

You can even hire sports event transportation to reach stadiums in Chicago comfortably and without any trouble.

Try to catch a game or two at one of these well-known stadiums in Chicago, Illinois.

SeatGeek Stadium

Operating since 2006, SeatGeek Stadium has played host to a slew of professional sporting events. It’s also the home of the Chicago Red Stars soccer team.

Furthermore, SeatGeek Stadium accommodates 20,000 people during spring activities and an additional 8,000 people for concerts. You’ll also find 34 executive and six-stage suites on the first floor.

SeatGeek can help you find a seat in the stadium club, midfield, VIP parking, and a secret entry to VIP premium seating. Heinkene Terrace offers a high-end lounge environment, and indoor events can be held for up to 100 people.

The Soldier Field

Soldier Field is a world-class venue for sporting events and performances of the highest caliber. It’s a soccer stadium and also one of the first football stadiums in Chicago to open its doors in 1924.

Furthermore, with a football capacity of 61,500, it’s the earliest stadium in the National Football League. Additionally, it has played host to historic addresses from Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earheart, and President FDR.

The magnificent neoclassical columns tower overhead at the entrance. The contemporary-looking, tiered stadium makes this historic site one of the most scenic professional football arenas in the world.

Tours of Soldier Field, the executive suite, locker rooms, and playing field, as well as the Colonnades, are available on days when there's no scheduled sporting event or performance.

Wrigley Field

stadiums in chicago illinois

Infinity Transportation sure this is one of the two colossal baseball stadiums in Chicago that are home to major league baseball teams. Established in 1914, Wrigley Field stadium is covered in ivy on the outfield wall and has an interesting wind pattern coming in from Lake Michigan. Also, the stadium is equipped with a scoreboard that is turned by hand.

Instead of fighting for parking spaces with the 41,000 people who pack the stadium, take advantage of sports event transportation, taxi, shuttle, train, or ride-sharing services. If you can’t attend a game on game day, try to go on the daily stadium tour so you can still experience the excitement of Wrigley Field.

Stagg Field

With a seating capacity of 1,650, Stagg Field is the home of the Chicago Maroons’ outdoor track and field teams, as well as their soccer and softball teams.

Stagg Field is a turf field. The old field originally served as the site of the world's first artificial nuclear reactor built-in 1942. There are also a variety of scientific activities taking place on the premises.

Stagg Field also provides a variety of additional recreation and sports facilities. Members and students alike can use the athletic center and pool. Or take advantage of the gymnasium built for professional athletes. Locker facilities are also on-site.

Winnemac Stadium

Located in Winnemac Park, this stadium is just one of the Chicago areas that are part of the campus-park school program. The park has a total land size of 22.38 acres, hosting baseball, soccer, and basketball games for 6000 people. Summer day camps for Cubs Care rookie baseball players are also available.

The Winnemac Fieldhouse, a playground, and a tennis court are among the state-of-the-art facilities. There’s also a gymnasium and a baseball field on the property. The park is also home to over 200 trees and a prairie garden to explore. Not to mention, a nature walk is available for your enjoyment at all times.


The extensive network of parks and stadiums in Illinois makes it the perfect destination for sports-loving families. Chicago offers a wide range of sporting activities for both adults and children of all ages, and there are transportation services that will help you get there.

Infinity Transportation Management has been reliably serving the people of Chicago since 1998. Infinity Transportation helps tourists and locals get around the city with ease, and we’re available year-round 24/7.

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