Where to Travel for 4th of July: 10 Best Independence Day Destinations for Watching Fireworks

May 22, 2023
Liz Arnold

The much-awaited July 4th holiday weekend celebrations are almost here, providing the perfect opportunity to plan a getaway to one of the country's top destinations to commemorate America's birthday in style. From celebrating in a mountain town to having a boat parade, the options are endless!

We've compiled a list of the 10 best places to go for the 4th of July and where to see fireworks this Independence Day. From major cities to charming small towns, these destinations offer a variety of celebrations and events for everyone. And the best part? You can travel to these destinations in comfort with Infinity Transportation, providing Chicago out-of-state transportation services. So, get ready to celebrate America's birthday like never before in one of these amazing locations!

What Is Independence Day?

when is independence day

Independence Day is an annual celebration, marking the United States' declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. It's a day of patriotism and unity, with many people reflecting on the country's history and its progression throughout the years. Celebrations can include a range of events, such as an independence day parade, music performances, and a fireworks display - all of which bring communities together to honor the occasion and celebrate family-friendly fun. It's a day to pay tribute to the country's independence and to recognize the bravery and heroism of the people who fought for the nation's freedom.

When Is Independence Day?

Independence Day is celebrated annually on July 4th and in 2024 it falls on a Thursday. Independence Day has become an annual July celebration and a federal holiday, marked by lively festivities that bring communities across the country together to honor their heritage and express their patriotism.

10 Best Places to Spend 4th of July

Our list of the best cities to celebrate the 4th of July in the US has something for everyone. These cities are known for their unique traditions, stunning fireworks displays, and a range of exciting activities to keep you and the whole family entertained throughout the July holiday.

#1 Chicago, Illinois

where to go for 4th of july

Chicago, Illinois is one of the best places to celebrate the 4th of July with your family, thanks to its enchanting location on the shores of Lake Michigan. The city is known for its lively and festive atmosphere during the holiday weekend, which offers a wide range of activities for all ages. One of the must-visit destinations in Chicago for Independence Day is Navy Pier. Thousands of people flock to the pier to enjoy the iconic Chicago Independence Day fireworks show, a spectacular sight that illuminates the city skyline and reflects off the lake's shimmering waters. To make the most out of your family vacation, consider renting a family vacation bus, which can transport you and your loved ones to all the fun events in the city, including Navy Pier's annual fireworks extravaganza, and many more activities around the Lake Michigan area.

#2 St Louis, Missouri

best places to spend 4th of july

St. Louis, Missouri is another great destination to celebrate Independence Day in. The city hosts a variety of events during the July vacations, from live music to outdoor BBQs. One of the main attractions of the Fourth of July in St. Louis is the annual July fireworks display. The skyline is transformed into a dazzling array of colors and lights, with thousands of spectators gathering in the parks and along the riverfront to view the spectacular show.

#3 Pensacola Bay, Florida

The city comes alive with a range of activities and events, including concerts, parades, and fun runs. The highlight of the national holiday is the annual Pensacola Beach Fireworks display, illuminating the night sky with a magnificent array of colors in a convenient central location. Visitors can enjoy the festivities on the beach or from the comfort of their boats, taking in the views of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico.

#4 San Clemente, California

best fourth of july destinations

San Clemente, California is also one of the best 4th of July destinations in the country. The city has been hosting an Independence Day celebration since the 1950s, which includes a July parade, patriotic music, and a fireworks display off the pier. The San Clemente Ocean Festival takes place around the same time, offering visitors a chance to experience a range of ocean-inspired events, including surfing contests and beach runs.

Other cities in California, such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, also host memorable Independence Day festivity. For example, Los Angeles offers many events, including a massive fireworks display at the Rose Bowl Stadium and celebrations at Washington Park.

#5 St. Simmons Island, Georgia

If you're looking for where to go for the 4th of July weekend, St. Simmons Island is an excellent choice. Along with spectacular fireworks and breathtaking beauty, the island's relaxed atmosphere enhances the experience, offering visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

#6 Kailua, Hawaii

best places to go for 4th of july

Kailua, Hawaii is a beautiful destination for 4th of July weekend getaways. The beach town offers a range of activities and events celebrating the nation's independence, from parades to live Hawaiian music shows. However, the most spectacular attraction is the massive fireworks display that takes place over the ocean. Visitors can enjoy the incredible pyrotechnics from the beach or the water, making it a unique experience. Kailua's beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and idyllic tropical landscapes provide the perfect setting for a relaxing and celebratory Fourth of July holiday weekend in Hawaii.

#7 Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol is home to America's oldest continuous Independence Day celebration, dating back to 1785, and features the oldest 4th of July parade in the country. The parade is the main event during the holiday weekend, with locals and visitors alike dressing up in patriotic colors and lining the streets to watch the floats, marching bands, and other participants. Bristol's charming historic district provides the perfect setting to take a stroll, enjoy a bite from food vendors, and participate in a variety of family-friendly activities and outdoor adventures. Celebrating Independence Day in Bristol is a unique experience that combines the best of history, tradition, and community spirit.

#8 Ogunquit Beach, Maine

best 4th of july destinations

Ogunquit Beach offers an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking unique 4th of July destinations. The town's tranquil ambiance, friendly locals, and stunning natural scenery make it a perfect setting for memorable and enjoyable Independence Day celebrations.

#9 Harbor Uplands, Seward, Alaska

Harbor Uplands is one of the best places to be for the 4th of July holiday for the entire family. The small town features a full weekend of festivities, including a parade, live music, and outdoor activities. One of the main attractions during the weekend is the fireworks display, which can be viewed from the waterfront and is set against the stunning backdrop of the Kenai Mountains and Resurrection Bay. The town's friendly and welcoming atmosphere attracts both tourists and locals alike, making it a unique and special place to celebrate Independence Day. Visitors can also participate in a wide range of activities, such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking, which add to the appeal of the town.

#10 New York, New York

best places to be for the 4th of july

New York City is known for its iconic landmarks, and Independence Day celebrations are no exception. One of the most famous events in the city is the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks, which boasts a breathtaking display over the East River. But that's not all the city has to offer - the 4th of July is celebrated all over town, including in one of New York's most historic enclaves, Washington Square Park. Visitors can take part in family-friendly activities, such as food festivals, live entertainment, and music shows, and top off the night with a spectacular fireworks display.

The Bottom Line

Celebrating the 4th of July is a great American tradition and there are many destinations across the country to do so. To ensure you have the best experience, it's important to arrive early and plan ahead. If you are looking for a reliable transportation option in Chicago for your 4th of July celebration, contact a charter bus rental company Infinity Transportation! Our team is the premier transportation option for Chicago events and beyond. Get in touch with us today to plan your next trip!

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